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Bell Gigabit Fibe 1000 Download/Upload unlimited Fiberoptics internet for $49.95 (Winback, YMMV)

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Jun 19, 2007
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Retentions got hold of me two days after the cancellation request and offered the following: 39.99$ x 1Gb x year. I refused and asked if they have an ongoing promo, was offered 49.99$x 1Gb x ongoing. I accepted. I was very cordial with the agent and it seems that the agent volunteered me for 5 months of 39.99 as an extra promotion.
Then typical Bell happened: technician came to replace HH1000 for HH3000, installed faulty HH and convinced me that everything fine, left my house. 10 minutes later I realized my 2.4GHz network is not functioning, got on a phone with bell, 3 hours later was sent to a store to change the modem, the store clerk explained to me that they dont stock or activate HH3000 and sent me to another store, on my way to another store a tech from bell called on my cell to confirm installation, I told him the story, he called back in 5 minutes and confirmed that he can change the modem. The guy came to install, installed a used modem that looked brand new (he pilled the protective cover from the face of the modem but battery compartment was full of household dust ....) . To top the story , the tech refused to take faulty HH3000 and told me drop it off at a Bell store.
Phew..... that was a long story..
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Feb 1, 2014
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I need some advice.

Currently I have Bell Fibe 50 (FTTH) for $44.95 per month (using an ongoing promo of a $50 per month discount).

When I asked Bell to apply my ongoing $50 promo credit to the Gigabit product, they said that they couldn't do it. If I do cancel, what are the chances that Winback will call me? Do they always call?

I'm thinking of switching to Rogers as they have some very attractive offers at the moment. I just don't necessarily want to risk losing what I currently have with Bell.
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Apr 25, 2001
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Well called in and spoke to loyalty last week. My contract on 300/300 was coming to an end and asked what options are available. First offer on going promo for the 300/300 for $49.99. Though about it then asked about gigabit and was offered it for the same price and promo which I accepted. So discount will remain the same but we all know about their price increases.
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Dec 24, 2014
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Toronto, ON
I called Bell to cancel my current plan, as the contract was coming to an end. He offered several offers before accepting following.
current: Fibe 300 $59.99.
New plan: Gigabit Fibe, Alt TV, and Crave TV (included with Alt TV) for $59.99. ongoing price.
what is alt TV - Alt TV...
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Feb 1, 2007
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with Rogers now. Can new customer get similar deal?
Aug 21, 2006
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lol, my $50 promo has already increased to $56
Jul 20, 2020
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Anyone knows when bell going to have gigabit Ethernet in Richmond Hill come on man some areas are well developed since 1991 we still have 5 mbps max in Richmond Hill


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