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Bell home internet Gigabit Fibe 49.95+tax $ YMMV

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Dec 9, 2017
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MauriceLaFlamme wrote: Maybe if you are unemployed. Some of us have this thing called a job, and what we lose is TIME. Time = Money.
You have two options then: call outside working hours or pay the higher rate.
I’m sure this is a very short call, probably as short as you typing the above reply during work hours, while at your job.
Edit: I did the same as op, but with Rogers and I signed up for the 500mb for $45. Time is money indeed, this time in my pocket, so it was worth it. Bell quoted me 89.99 for 500mb. Currently paying 56 tax in for bell 500mb
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Apr 21, 2004
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Does Bell provide these speeds in Oakville/Burlington?
Dec 25, 2010
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Canada, Quebec, Mont…
I'm surprised by the negativity here.

We are deal hunters, of course sometime you gotta do some work (and of course you gotta evaluate if your time worth the rebate you have in the end; sometime we get passionate hunting deal, eh).

With Bell, knowing a deal exist is useful, because usually they all have access to a deal database they can offer (but yeah, I read some people here asked and their rep had no knowledge of that deal).

When I shopped not long ago (November 2020 in Quebec):
  • I ended up taking 1GBPS internet from Bell at $50/month from Bell business (work for freelancer under your name) and had credit for changing ISP (+$200). However the $50 for 1Gbps was maybe a little bit higher some weeks after, but I have saw that deal since at least June here.

    However, I added their Fibe TV service and while I got a good price there too (they did a pricing error and again had credit to compensate), you can't use the tv.bell.ca website or the Bell Fibe App to watch on other screen... which I planned to do to like listening to TV while on computer. This make the deal less appealing for the TV part. I am gonna see if I can influence them to add that service, pretty deceived here, but good luck influencing a big company to change such thing fast.

    But no complain, the guy who did the installation did setup my house very nicely and the speed is solid so far (I do speed test there and there since then and I get near max speed). I am afraid from their invoicing and hope I won't get a nightmare there long term.
  • For residential, I had these offer for internet only: FIBE 150, 64.95$ + 60$ Installation; FIBE 500, 69.95$; FIBE 1000, 74.95$
  • For residential, I had this package offered: 104.95$ for Internet 1Gbps; TV base + 10 choices; 4K receiver; $0 installation; 1 year of Crave + Super Écran (French movie channel)
  • I also had other offers with Alt-TV, etc., but the price keep changing. You can check the main Bell thread to know where to call, etc. if you are on the hunt.
Jan 19, 2021
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Is this deal available in Oakville/Burlington?
Unfortunately, I missed the 1 GB $50/month deal from Bell business
Apr 2, 2018
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Hardaway wrote: Does Bell provide these speeds in Oakville/Burlington?
They do have service in Oakville/Burlington but not sure if the prices are same.
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Feb 8, 2011
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i know 1 GB for small business was killer deal
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Mar 25, 2006
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anyone knows about their FTTH service availability / plans in Richmond Hill ? i am moving to a house in Richmond Hill which only get Fibe 100 service, but i like FTTH, Hoping it comes there sooner than later.
Apr 19, 2017
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SeanD78929 wrote: I got this deal, chatted a random rep on the site
I have a couple questions for you!
New customer, existing customer, or previous customer/winback?
Which ISP were you with prior to this deal?
What region/city are you in?
May 18, 2019
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therave39 wrote: I have a couple questions for you!
New customer, existing customer, or previous customer/winback?
Which ISP were you with prior to this deal?
What region/city are you in?
I've some answers for you!
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Not with any ISP prior
Apr 19, 2017
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Spent a few minutes chatting with a Bell rep through the online chat. According to the rep, this promotion does exist, however it apparently only applies to certain Condo/Apartment buildings where they have a promotion contract with the property management.

I've had something like this in the past, where I was given 6 months free of Internet/TV/Phone without any contract, billing, or need to create a Bell.ca account

Going to call in and see if I can find a manager/supervisor who is able to provide an override on the location restriction for this
Nov 13, 2016
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OP, if you can PM me the rep's contact details and possibly the promo code that would be much appreciated.

Apr 19, 2017
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Talked to a Bell rep on the phone, been eager to ditch Rogers so I ended up going with a bundle where I was technically able to get the Gigabit Fibe for $50/mo

Total monthly cost is $110/mo with a $30 activation fee
Bundle includes the Good TV and Home Phone, and the $25 credit is for 2 months for their "Premium movie package" which I'll be cancelling ASAP
If I determine I'm not getting enough use out of the Good TV bundle, I can drop it down to their "basic" package and the monthly fee goes down to $95/mo

I'm not ecstatic about it, but it satisfies my needs and isn't the worst pricing.


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