Bell CA - Chartered Accountant training office

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Nov 14, 2011
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Bell CA - Chartered Accountant training office

I will be graduating soon from University and wanted to get a head start on researching CA training offices. I recently saw that Bell has been added to the CA training office list and was wondering if anyone can share their experience of working there?

I tried to do some research on my own and came across comments from employees and it really made me think twice before applying: ... n&empID=75

Just some of the comments are pretty alarming and I cannot believe what I am reading :eek:

[QUOTE] Posted by Rater238 on 11.06.2011 Comment
Between October - September 2011 another 1500 middle management jobs cut. Why would you want to work at a company that constantly cuts?[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE] Posted by Rater237 on 11.06.2011 Comment
Bell is very bad company for work. The management is very rude and unprofessional. Secondly their is to much racism in this company. I don't recommend any one bell as employer.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE] Posted by Rater236 on 11.03.2011 Comment
The worst place ever they cut me during my maternity leave and I lost the equivalent of 20 000$ per year in salary. The management is a JOKE a bunch of want to be big wigs and lower management employees would sell their mothers to keep their pathetic jobs. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY it uses people and destroys them through old management styles of the whip and chain and then they wonder why it's not working doesn't take an MBA or PhD to figure out[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE] Posted by Rater220 on 08.24.2011 Comment
I used to work for Much, which was bought by CTV and then later Bell. When CTV came in, peoples' job satisfaction began to slide, and when Bell came into the picture the corporate culture just took a nosedive. They have no clue as to how to make quality television, and any sort of creative solutions proposed are met with indifference. Management uses circular doublespeek in order to avoid answering any questions, and when they actually do something there is a preference of procedure to any sort of logic. Also, as they lay off more and more people, the cars in management's parking lot keep getting nicer. Also, they often put up job postings with no intention to hire from the public, wasting everyone's time. Very inhuman and greedy leaders now thinking they can make TV. Bell is on a bullet train to Obsolescence Ave.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE] Posted by Rater211 on 05.05.2011 Comment
They are totally against constructive criticism of their internal processes. If you do, then the managers start building consensus against you, in their internal meetings. They don't like to be told "no this is wrong". Middle Managers bond together to preserve their jobs even though corruption and malpractices prevail within their ranks.[/QUOTE]
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Aug 10, 2011
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Every big company is going to have QQ'ers.

^ those folks probably are not in the CATO.

Apply anyways, CATOs are hard to get into nowadays and you'll need all the opportunities you can get.

Good luck, fellow accounting Loo'er.
Oct 6, 2009
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It's a company that almost completely outsourced a department to free graduate interns. What more can I say?


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