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Feb 18, 2017
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bell hub 3000

i got a new computer desktop and laptop and they have a wifi 6 card and well also 1gb ethernet
and when hardwired i get full speed of my fiber 1gb and when i using wifi 6 i get around 100mbs
on laptop and also on desktop desk top is right near the bell hub 3000 and laptop i use it near and
first floor etc my house is around 2200 square feet and also basement i get like 2 bar to three bars
signal strength on my wifi signal is the bell hub 3000 capped on when you changing channels for 5gz
it think i just see it as auto 36,40,44,48 i know wifi 6 works think with 80ghz or 160ghz
my network band is 5ghz my channel is 36 link speed 40/120mbs
my wifi 6 card is intel wifi 6 ax200 160ghz with driver ver the protocol is wifi5 802.11ac wonder if the bell hub 3000 dont support wifi6 or its a channel issue or i need a new router alway have troubles with wifi
thanks for the helo