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Bell internet outage - line vandalized - Canadian Customer Support number?

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Apr 4, 2019
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Bell internet outage - line vandalized - Canadian Customer Support number?


I am without internet since 11AM today in Mississauga. The WAN button is flashing red. I spoke with Technical Support (a call centre located abroad) and finally they said they would send a technician because they could not figure out what was wrong. 15 minutes after the call, I get an automated text from Bell saying the technician visit is cancelled because the reason for my issue is a service outage in my area. Meanwhile my neighbour next door has internet and is with Bell. I called again, spoke to another call centre agent located abroad and explained my neighbour has internet even though there is an outage in my area and they said they would not cancel the technician visit and even gave me a dispatch number. They said the tech would visit between 3-5PM. No one came so I called again and this time they said a technician already found out that the Bell line from the box to my house was vandalized and it should be fixed by latest Sunday 10PM.

Is this acceptable? I've been with Bell for a year and have never had a single issue. I asked for a contact number in Canada so I can escalate this, but they don't have access to that.

What else can I do? Has anyone had their Bell line vandalized before?

Thank you in advance.
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Apr 16, 2001
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Bell isn't known for their timely service; it's why I left them many, many years ago.

If you were vandalized, I'd say you have bigger problems.
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