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Bell / Telus tower down in Stratford?

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  • Sep 29th, 2010 9:27 pm
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Feb 25, 2009
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Bell / Telus tower down in Stratford?

Ok, anybody else suffereing through this? Anyone got any answers yet?
I have an iphone here in Stratford Ontario. It has worked intermittently for over 3 weeks now (the data does work via wifi, but the phone and internet on the 3G network barely work. I tried calling home the other day and the 9th try I got through - all the others ended with "call failed". I sometimes receive calls or voicemail or texts.... but sometimes they arrive hours to days after they were sent (and sometimes the voicemails are irretrievable - I know someone left a message, but I can't access it).

I have called Telus a few times to complain and at first they deny the issue, but when pressed they tell me that it is a known issue with the tower and it is being worked on.
Ok, stuff happens sometimes. But over 3 weeks and it still isn't fixed and no repair date in site??? That seems pretty crazy these days.

Anybody else experiencing this issue in the 519 area code?

All my friends and coworkers with 3G phones with either Bell or Telus are having the same issue. A friend who just switched her and her husband to Bell from Rogers was on the phone for 1.5 hours with Bell support today. They denied they had an issue too - but eventually admitted they had an issue with the tower since September 25. THat is BULL people! THey are OFFICIALLY admitting the problem as of Sept. 25. The problem has been there since the first week of September - so I'd fight for a decent rebate when they eventually fix the problem. (My friend is giving up on Bell due to this, and is switching back to Rogers - which doesn't have any connectivity issues here).

VERY VERY frustrating!!!

We asked both Bell and Telus about rebates, but they won't even discuss the possibility until the problem is resolved so that they know the extent of the damage.

Telus was more honest I think. They at least admitted that it was a known issue from the first time I called in early September. But it seems Bell wouldn't officially admit there was an issue.

It has been crazy. The first half of the month I was dealing with a medical issue at my home. The doctor was trying to contact me with test results and couldn't get through and I wasn't getting the messages. Worst time ever to have my phone system crap out.

Any comments - ideas - venting rants?