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[FS] Bell unlimited 3G (avg 25mbps) data $SOLD

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  • Aug 20th, 2018 8:38 pm
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May 14, 2006
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Bell unlimited 3G (avg 25mbps) data $SOLD

Putting this back up for sale and added average download speed with pictures.

Good reception: avg 25mbps
Bad reception: 5-10mbps

This is a true unlimited data plan (3G data). Does not get throttled. Stream netflix and YouTube or use social media all day long without worry. Never have to connect to WiFi again.

You can use this as a hotspot. I've use this in tight spots when my home internet went down and had to VPN into work. You can't share data, like add another line or another sim card for a tablet.

Plan details
Unlimited 3G data (data speeds average out at 25mbps)
400 local mins
Caller ID
Fab 5 (yes, this plan is that old)

You can add texting in self serve but with unlimited data, you can do all your calls and msging through WhatsApp / Facebook.

$70 base plan
$8 sys access fee

Price drop: $SOLD

Sale pending at $SOLD
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Out of curiosity what is the most you have used in a month? I have a Wind/Freedom unlimited(throttled after 20GB). Costs me $67after tax. It's also a grandfathered one with all the bells and whistles.
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May 14, 2006
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Updated post with plan break down.

Ignore bundle 3, it was an add on that doesn't make sense.
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Works with hot spots and / or LTE Tablets?

PM Me if it works with both, I'm very interested