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[Bell] warm and YMMV $100+ in store credit at Bell for old used/broken phones

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  • Mar 29th, 2018 5:48 pm
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[Bell] warm and YMMV $100+ in store credit at Bell for old used/broken phones

ok, first of all : just a warm deal that only few may be able to take advantage of
your mileage may vary and you need to have something to trade in which is taking up space and full of dust
2nd it works at bell stores and wireless wave too as they are owned by bell (better luck at smaller stores)

you must be 18yrs or older and have a cellphone with bell (Im out of my contract, so i qualified for a hardware upgrade, not sure if it works if you`re under a contract)

bring in an old phone (can be non working or cracked too) and get $100 credit - even if it's only worth $25
so basically you first need to check your phone on their page to see what the trade in value is
it will be very low, however if $25 or more, they will give you a bonus $75

tried it on 3 accounts with 3 phones in poor shape and it worked
got $100 credit on each account towards any new hardware
you do NOT have to sign a contract, nor change your plan (great for me as my plan is grandfathered / EPP)
this is just to trade in and recycle your old phone and get some credit to get something else

traded a cracked screen iphone 6 for an iphone 8 (this one i signed up a 2yrs to not pay the difference so store added an extra $100 bonus on top)
- my chipped korean samsung s5 with burnt in screen and a battery that lasted 1 or 2hrs for a 7" alcatel tablet and paid only $50
- and a working iphone 5 locked with other faults for $100 worth of accessories
- even a iPad 2 16GB WiFi you can trade to get a zte 8in tablet unlocked and just pay $80 extra
- or they have flip fones for free (after trade) or an older LG k4 for $50 (after giving in a faulty old phone, as long as it turn on)

good to get a cheap backup fone like a j3 for $190
they dont check if your old phone is icloud blocked, rooted or if battery is bad nor which provider its from or if camera/speakers dont work ;)
max credit is $300 but you will need something like an s8 to get this
you do not need to chose a new expensive phone, value of discount may be better with cheaper hardware

so if u got something u cant`get rid of and dont mind paying a little extra for a new unlocked device with warranty you may want to give it a shot
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Nov 29, 2009
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Thank you OP! I just finished my 2 years contract with bell and about to renew it for a new phone, gonna take my old phone to the store see if i am qualified =D
Nov 29, 2009
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do they always have this trade-in program or it's something new?
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Feb 8, 2014
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Neither my Nexus 4 or old blackberry are worth anything, and neither are bell devices nor do i have a bell account :(
I would have traded the blackberry for the cheapest tablet if possible (assuming they would do a phone to tablet credit).
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Sorry OP, I did not read it at all

But base on the heading

My comment:

Bell will make profit back the $100 within 60 days with super inflated And surprised sales bundle u didn't even use or ask for

2 cents