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[Bells of Steel] BoS Metal Olympic Plates In Stock! ~$2.6/lbs all-in to GTA

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  • Jan 25th, 2021 7:41 pm
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Dec 11, 2008
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Ive ordered over 350lbs of CAP weights in the past couple of months. It's a crapshoot in term of quality. Id say most of them were fine, but had one 35lbs plate that was so badly drilled that it didnt even fit my bar. Talk about quality control.

Another one had rough edges and dented my brand new bar.

I say if you can get it below $2/lbs, its worth the gamble, if not, buy something better.

As for these BoS weights, id rather buy rubber Northern Lights weights from fitness depot, comes to around the same price.
May 27, 2019
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mikebmt wrote: Hey bro what should we call our lifting company bro?

Call it bells of steel bro! Like balls of steel but. Dumbbells or whatever bro!

Sick! Such a dope idea bro.

They started off by selling kettlebells.
Apr 23, 2016
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bcbarg wrote: Was it plates you had issues with or other things? I was looking at their light commercial rack which looks decent quality for Made in China. Reviews seem to be generally decent...
I did not order plates from them. Costco sold bumper plates back then so I lucked out there. I have the older light commercial rack, barbell, incline bench and collars. Overall the stuff is decent, but it's really a crapshoot as I originally said. I suspect BOS doesn't (or at least didn't) inspect any of the product they bring in from China. I had rack brackets with that weren't even drilled out (had to do it myself), missing bolts, hilariously ugly welds, crooked/loose nameplates, mis-matched paint and an unstable bench that jams. Oh, and the collars broke after 1 month of use.

It's all still usable, but the product really didn't match the quality they preached. And the reviews will look great because they don't allow any negative reviews to be posted on their site - I know that from experience.
Apr 23, 2016
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dustinsa wrote: That's a bummer and I get it but to generalize it as all China junk is just an unhelpful and also false claim. If you had shit cs then say so, that's actually helpful.
That's fair. I mean, it is junk from China - but that doesn't mean you're absolutely going to get a product that doesn't work. My point was that you're not going to get a premium, high quality product compared to something like CAP. You'll get some run of the mill Chinese gear that you may or may not be happy with. Returning this kind of product probably won't even be worth the headache, and if your experience is anything like mine, the company isn't going to be of much assistance.
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Nov 13, 2018
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Metoo3 wrote: They started off by selling kettlebells.
Clearly covered in my "but. Dumbbells or whatever bro!" section. Kettlebells would fall under 'whatever' bro.

all good though, you're still my Brobro Streisand
Aug 21, 2013
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Made in China means pretty much nothing except that it's going to be cheaper than made in North America. Rep fitness had similar quality to rogue but is made in China, good design and quality control make the difference between cheap Chinese junk and a quality product, poorly by the nature of the higher price things made in North America have to have better QC to compete.
Regardless of manufacturer, machined plates are a step up from cast ones, thru have better tolerances.

Also BoS definitely delete negative comments on their website (you can find reviews other places) but there is going to be no significant difference in quality between their machined plates and anyone elses, they probably come out of the same couple of factories in China. (I think rogue does machine some of theirs in house)
Aug 24, 2016
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Ordered a full rack, bar, FID bench and some accessories from these guys, very happy with the quality.
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Feb 26, 2005
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For what it’s worth I can vouch for Bells of Steel. I know the owner through an injury and a solid guy and company. Smaller company in grande scheme of things and carries some good stuff.

We have several non olympic BoS bars at the gym as well. Holding up great.
The difference between wanting and needing is how you justify it.
Oct 20, 2018
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How does their stuff compare to Northern Lights iron plates? I can get NL iron plates locally for about the same price, all in.
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Apr 4, 2017
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mathishard wrote: How does their stuff compare to Northern Lights iron plates? I can get NL iron plates locally for about the same price, all in.
Curious as well. Both work out to be around $2.10/lb for me in Edmonton.
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Jun 7, 2013
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Got tired of waiting for rogue machined plates sub 45lbs.

Bos it is! Too bad 25s are out.. Grabbed two 10s and the rest of the denominations.

Their shipping beats rogue and prices just slightly less. Hopefully quality close to par.

My cage and bench are fitness reality (810 something and 2000 zero gap). I'll earn rogue over time... Maybe I hit a 400+ deadlift or something and it can be a reward to get a replacement quality piece.

I imagine in 2 years Kijiji will be flooded with stock as people realize home gyms generally collect dust.
Feb 1, 2014
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Bro, just wait. The supply will go up and prices will go down. It's just supply and demand bro. If you need to lift to avoid atrophy then I get it bro, but it's best to wait if you can bro.
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Jun 7, 2013
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After purchasing Dec 25th (machined plates) they all arrived today 2.5,5,10,25,35s.

Quality it pretty good...a couple had some little knubs but otherwise happy. Well packaged but not perfect quality control. 4/5.