Bermuda Must See/Do?

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Oct 26, 2003
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Bermuda Must See/Do?

Off to Bermuda tomorrow, over the years I’ve used this forum to get advice on what to see and do and this trip is no different :) I trust my RFDs insight!

Staying at the Fairmont SouthHampton for a week with the wife and 4year old toddler.

Any insight or recommendations would be appreciated.

How’s travel on the island say from hotel into town? Taxis/Shuttles/private car/scooter ?

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Oct 5, 2008
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I've been there twice and stayed at the Southampton each time.

There are no rental cars in Bermuda, you can rent scooters but not with a 4 year old. There are also buses and taxis.

There's a water taxi to take you to the Fairmont Hamilton which is downtown.

Restaurants and groceries are expensive.

The beach at the Southhampton is beautiful.

There are a few good restuarants on site, the Italian place was great.

The Waterlot steakhouse is down the hill and excellent but very $$$

More info here: ... /#p6904498
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Oct 26, 2003
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Excellent info. Did you try public transit? If so was it good/reliable? Don’t mind taking bus. May rent scooter for my solo ventures...
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Feb 7, 2017
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Getting around Bermuda is not difficult
Public Transit and Cabs are good
As well as bicycles... both pedal power & electric

And Bermuda still has scooters ...
They’ve been a long standing mode of transportation

But like in other island destinations, the authorities would like to phase them out because of the large number of accidents involving them
Both TO Tourists... and WITH Locals

As stated, there are no rental cars in Bermuda... per se
But there are these... which are relatively new to the scene
The Renault Twizy =
Available for rent at both The Hamilton Princess, and The Fairmont Southampton

They are only 2 seaters
But they do present another alternative way to get around for singles or doubles

This is Bermuda’s answer to the Mokes and Golf Carts that are so popular on other islands
And The Twizy is evidently quite comfy, and of course being electric ... very green
It is built similarly to a Smart Car, so offers up more Pax safety than a two wheeled vehicle / alternative for getting around

For more info on transportation options in Bermuda check out Go Bermuda
Bermuda’s Official Tourism Website ... gJxNPD_BwE

And of course don’t forget the TripAdvisor (a lot more than just Reviews) ... tions.html
Especially like the Bermuda Travel Forum
Great place to learn about stuff in real time from locals and fellow visitors alike ... rmuda.html
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Oct 26, 2003
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Thanks, I have rented a Twizy in Madeira (Portugal) a few years back, I liked it my wife not so much lol but yea little guy is 4 so I think public transit will suffice as it stands...
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Jul 13, 2009
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Horseshoe Bay!

There's a cove to the south west of the beach that's great for kids. Not a whole lot of shade so I brought a pop up beach tent from Amazon that worked great! .

The cove is safer and not super crowded. The main beach is really nice though, but bring snacks drinks as there's not much around.

The Wharf is okay, not far from where you're staying, that's a half day trip activity. Cool to see old fort and bit of history, otherwise flooded with cruise ship passengers.