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best black mulch

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Sep 27, 2006
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Not so easy there Ma…
All wood mulch fades and slowly disintegrates from weathering. Scotts is one of the longer lasting ones as the wood chips are larger and made from pine chips. Cedar mulch tends to be chopped or shredded up finer and is better as a source of nutrition if used as plant bedding. My experience with the Vigaro was that it was shredded finer than Scotts.

Whatever you put down, for best results with the coloured mulch is not to do it before it rains to allow it to dry out before the first rainstorm. Some manufacturers recommend turning the stuff after a few months to extend the coloured look but I doubt hardly anyone does that.
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Feb 26, 2019
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Rubber mulch? How depressing. The benefit of a garden is to enjoy a little slice of nature on your own property. Rubber mulch is the total opposite. If you want black flower beds, expose the soil... but be prepared to weed and do some maintenance. Good mulch reduces maintenance and benefits the soil, but it will never stay black. I suggest you just come to terms with that.

A good option for mulch if you are looking for a “blackish” color is composted pine mulch (most nurseries carry it). It will fade to brown over time. It is better for the soil and the environment than the bagged crap they sell at big box stores: that crappie full of dyes and chemicals and fades anyways. It is mostly cedar bark which is lousy for soil health anyways.

The best choice for soil health and weed suppression is arborist wood chips. But they are quite light in color and so most people don’t like the look. It’s a pity because they are the best thing for your plants.
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Mar 22, 2017
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Cedar mulch lasts longer, pine mulch is cheaper. I've used cedar in the past (Fafard), am ordering some black pine mulch this year (in bulk, three yards)


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