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$1199 | LG 75 inch 4K TV (Model: 75UK6190) HOTT??

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  • Jan 5th, 2019 3:04 pm
Dec 24, 2007
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SomeGuyNamedBob wrote: When buying online, do you have to pay for delivery? What's the cost?
50$ ,order in-store pickup to save shipping. I tried to change it they wouldn't let me.
Nov 7, 2008
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Maybe someone with a panel could take a close up picture of the pixels. We can all see if it's an RGB or RGBW panel.
Dec 23, 2018
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ck1234 wrote: I think this tv is the same as the lg 75uk6570 without blue tooth, AI and magic remote support. Compare them on LG's website. Only specific models come in 75" from Lg. The 6300 version does not come in a size above 65". The 6570 is RGB and not RBGW according to The 6300 is RGBW.
I really hope that is the case. Especially as it has a decent review on rtings and would be a really great value.
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Aug 20, 2018
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Just a quick note from someone that picked this up and set it up...

I should start by saying that I stopped being too knowledgeable about TVs when I had kids - it marked the end of my videogame era (and my “free time” era too...) Effectively, I’m not able to really say more than just general thoughts. I currently have a Samsung 50 7100, so that’s kinda my benchmark..

- The thing is enormous.. unless you’re an absolute machine, you’re probably going to need help to move it...
- The picture seemed pretty good to me. I had a Samsung 50 7100, and this looks just as good in my eyes.. I’ve never owned a tv with local dimming, so expect the standard contrast you seem to get with edge lit...
- input lag (I don’t play enough, and only console, to make huge comparisons) didn’t seem bad. I didn’t notice it anyway..
- Sound seemed pretty good for a tv speaker..
- it has Ethernet if you’re a networker, and three HDMI..

Anyway, those are just some thoughts.. I’m happy with it... I consider myself an average user.. I do now need to buy a new cabinet as it doesn’t sit on mine (and I seem to have phantom electric signals across the entire wall I’d planned to mount it on...)
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Aug 26, 2008
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Corgeez wrote: Petey.......You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, but the picture quality on this 75 LG is absolutely quite superb.
Referring to it as a tv just for kids is really puzzling. Makes me wonder if you’ve actually seen its high picture quality. Informal feedback from friends and many online reviews confirms that this is an excellent set.

Don’t feel bad if you overspent on that C8 or whatever model it is. As long as you personally enjoy it at the inflated price.

Unfortunately, some are saying the excellent Best Buy LG 75 is out of stock now. Missed opportunity for many if that is true.

Good luck.
look, nobody can tell somebody else what is 'good enough'. and for some people, they will absolutely hate the image from some of the highest rated tv's (plasma is no longer sold larger due to this).

but, to be fair, if he/we aren't allowed to comment on the cheaper LG because we haven't seen it, then you certainly can't comment on the more expensive C8 either. the reviewers who have viewed both don't consider them in the same ballpark though.

again, whether or not you would appreciate the difference, nobody can say, but there IS a difference. I happily drive along in my mazda6 and tell myself i have all the same features as a S-class, but deep down inside, i know why my car was less than half the price. I'm ok with that, but i know better than to try and tell an S-class owner they are stupid and my car is as good or better than theirs
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Aug 26, 2008
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Commodore1080 wrote: Those RGBW panels are still 4K. What it does is sacrifice contrast and color brightness, but resolution is still the same. Still the same amount of pixels.

Some may say the quality is shit, but at this price it is the best value. Not everyone has the money to afford higher quality models.
i guess it depends on how you define a pixel... i don't think it matters all too much though, i'm betting most people can't tell the difference between 1080p and uhd, so they certainly won't miss a couple hundred pixels

and absolutely, people are entitled to shop for whatever they want. the next tv i buy will likely be a cheap one as well, as i've gotten used to using a projector for serious viewing, and it just doesn't make sense to spend a ton of money on something that'll be used for very casual viewing. however... i might not. i've had really bad luck with cheap tv's, not reliability issues, but when i buy a new tv i want it to look better than the old, broken down tv it's replacing. and that didn't happen, twice, when i bought cheaper displays.

for me, it seems like i can buy a 'cheap' tv for 1000bux or less, and IMMEDIATELY hate it and want to replace it as soon as possible, or i can spend more and buy a high end display and be happy with it for a very long time. I spent nearly 3grand on my f8500 in 2013 and i'm still convinced it's better for me than anything on the market today under 5grand. some people might think i'm crazy for paying 3grand on a tv, i think people who replace their tv every 2-3years are crazy. on a 'per year' basis, i find it's a far better deal to buy a high end tv once every 7-8yrs. in most cases, a high end tv from 5yrs ago will beat the pants off a new cheap model. in some cases (pioneer kuro guys??) that can be 10yrs ago.
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Nov 2, 2018
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Just bought this TV. Got very frustrated as I wasn't able to buy it online, and I am abroad. I had to send my mom in to store and she was nice enough to go at 6am.

I am aware this is a lower end TV and for me I am totally ok with that. 6 years ago this TV would have been cutting edge. I personally can't tell the difference too much. This will go in my basement and will be used mostly for football games and Netflix. I wanted the large size for the cheap price and willing to sacrifice quality. I'm ok with it. If I ever want to upgrade this in a few years I will do that.

Can't wait to mount this baby!
Jun 6, 2016
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crispyfrybits wrote: How many TVs actually have a native 120Hz refresh rate that doesn't cost a fortune? I don't think there are any, all advertised 120Hz TVs are all post processing options aren't they?
Higher end Sony (8 series and above) and Samsung (Q) are native 120Hz. Not sure about others.
The problem though is that HDMI 2.1 didn't drop yet, so these TV's can actually only do 120Hz at 1080P, 4K is limited to 60Hz.
IMO, this is a reason to hold off buying a high end TV right now because HDMI 2.1 could land anytime now.
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Jan 5, 2008
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redflagdealsguy wrote: So let's get serious for one moment, here are the minimum acceptable panels from three makers:

LG UK6300
Samsung NU7100
Vizio E Series F01 (2018)

Make no mistake, going below this threshold is only advisable if the TV is used for guest bedrooms, geriatrics, or rough-and-tumble tweens.

God bless.
the NU7100 is 1689.00 at Costco until Jan 07
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Mar 17, 2003
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Alex383 wrote: Higher end Sony (8 series and above) and Samsung (Q) are native 120Hz. Not sure about others.
The problem though is that HDMI 2.1 didn't drop yet, so these TV's can actually only do 120Hz at 1080P, 4K is limited to 60Hz.
IMO, this is a reason to hold off buying a high end TV right now because HDMI 2.1 could land anytime now.
Yeah, you can wait and pay more later if you like . Don't let hdmi 2.1 be the factor which prevents you from buying a TV now if you are considering
Nov 7, 2008
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Thanks for confirming the pixel structure imhansolo.

What do you think of your TV?
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Sep 8, 2007
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zxcai18 wrote: My dog always scratches on those fake 4Ks
My dog won’t even scratch a fake 4K tv, only wants to scratch real True 4K with most best HDR.
"It is in times of great fear or greed that the most opportunity exists."
Oct 5, 2002
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Assembled the tv yesterday. Picture quality is very good. 3D-like in bright coloured scenes and is excellent. Dark coloured scenes with fast motion is not as great as a true 120 Hz tv. TV is super heavy.

Dec 25, 2018
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I'm very impressed with the onboard CPU for decoding videos, it has played 4k HEVC 60 Mbps rips just fine!

The picture quality is also great IMO, but I haven't spent much time comparing it to other TVs. It is a 60 Hz panel, so 24p movies will have 3:2 pulldown applied which isn't much of an issue. Sports look great and IMO unless you want motion interpolation, 120 Hz isn't needed since all broadcasts are in 60p. Looks like it is the same panel as the UK6570.

The legs being 60 inches apart is kind of annoying, I got a custom stand instead.

Overall, for the price, it was a great deal.

EDIT: Apparently activating the "Real Cinema" mode will change the screen refresh rate to 48 Hz and then duplicate frames in a 23.976/24p film. Kind of hard to get concrete info on this though.