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Google Home Mini - Black Friday Sale $35 starting Nov. 23

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  • Dec 9th, 2018 10:29 am
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Sep 27, 2009
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TorontoBORN wrote: Same price everywhere for the mini
yep. home depot sale started today as well .. 35 for the mini and 89 for the home.

if I can get a staples coupon to work tomorrow that'll be the place for me to get two. these are going to be solely used with my nvidia shields to add to my laziness. the shields make me not want to leave the house. the mini's will make me not want to leave the couch to reach for the remote, in said house. Face With Stuck-out Tongue And Tightly-closed Eyes
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Apr 1, 2008
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Wrocky wrote: I'm just hoping that they sell the Google Home Hub in Canada before Christmas. They are currently only available in the US and will be on sale for $99 starting on the 22nd. Google and B&H won't ship these to Canada, so I'll have to find another way if I want one soon.
I got one from
Dec 25, 2010
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winson82 wrote: I think you got lucky. I've had really bad experience so far and as I was doing research online and troubleshooting it was only then I discovered that it was the norm.
I have 3 minis and a regular home and haven't had any issues in the past year either. Works perfectly fine.
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Sep 14, 2006
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Drizzt wrote: I have alexa built into my thermostat, and all I can say is it's faster to search the house for my phone to google something, than it is to get an acceptable answer to a question from Alexa.
I have an Alexa and a Google mini. They argue all the time but right now they’re not on speaking terms. :)
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Feb 11, 2004
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Thanks for that. I didn't realize that Target shipped to Canada now. Unfortunately though, I get a pop up saying: " This product is not available for shipments to this country. Please remove this item from your shopping cart." You must have got lucky.
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Nov 19, 2015
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If anyone has to be in the USA, Walmart has Google Smart Light Starter Kit - Google Mini and Smart Light Bulb 2 pk for $42.00 USD.
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Dec 12, 2011
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poppy1337 wrote: Wouldn't it be better to just change the speaker of the Google home mini to the sound system (through Bluetooth) vs. buying a Chromecast audio?
In my experience Chromecast quality is better than Bluetooth (unless you have Bluetooth APTx). I also use the digital input of the Chromecast Audio (cheap adapter found on Amazon) which sends the digital audio to my sound system and the latter converts it to analogue (if you have a good DAC in your sound system, this is the way to go).