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[Best Buy] Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Home Hub $79.99

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  • Apr 27th, 2019 12:56 pm
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Oct 19, 2009
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boldventure wrote: Is this the new remote?
Call me crazy but with all the smart lights I just installed, I kind of want this new controller with the light buttons...
May 25, 2016
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I have had this remote for over a year now (older model) and I find when I first turn it on it is very sluggish at working, like it has to warm up first, very frustrating. Has anybody else experienced this with this remote? Thanks
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Apr 1, 2007
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Has anyone been able to price match BB with Amazon? I have already ordered with BB
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Jul 12, 2007
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Ordered from Amazon, charged only 5% tax also. Don't think it's worth the extra $60 for the newer one imo. In 1-2 years the newer one will be the old one and there will be another model lol
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Sep 12, 2015
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tor98 wrote: Has anyone been able to price match BB with Amazon? I have already ordered with BB
Got denied because it wasn't shipped and sold by amazon
Aug 12, 2015
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Toronto, ON
Evil Baby wrote: It will work though google assistant but in a weird way. To turn my TV off I have to say "Hey Google, tell harmony to turn my TV off". Maybe they've updated the commands since I set it up but that's how I use it. Easier to turn the TV off that way when you're leaving the house and you have no idea where your kid hid the remote this time.
They have since updated Harmony to work directly with Google Home. The previous method was tedious but you could (and still) also create a Routine with "Hey Google, Tell Harmony to turn off my TV off" as the trigger but assign this trigger with shortcuts such as "Hey Google, turn on TV" or Hey Google, TV on" ...etc etc....I had to come up with a few permutations (sometimes 3-6) for each of my Routines as my wife doesn't stick to the script most of the time. This way your Google Home trigger can be as long as it needs to be but in reality your desired commands can be short and concise.
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Jan 12, 2017
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one pet peeve is the remote doesn't have backlit keys so its hard to see in the dark
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Nov 17, 2014
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Price looks enticing. Even with RFD mindset, I cannot justify buying this. Can someone tell me what exactly is gained having a smart remote?
I only have a TV remote and remote for my sound bar. Im lazy but I'm sure i would have more trouble setting up a unique remote. Then I still need to keep the old remotes in case. Plus I add a hub (extra wires, extra stuff to charge, etc).
What is YOUR scenario that totally sold you on this device?
Dec 27, 2002
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DougO wrote: Have you checked the compatibility list? My Globe Smart Bulb is controlled by my Google Home mini and since everything else is linked, it should also work with the hub. But I'm having trouble controlling my Samsung 4K TV and PS4 with the mini. Also looking to connect my Xbox One X. At least the mini sees the Shield and Xiaomi. Oddly enough, though it can't see my new Samsung TV, it sees both my 6+ year old Sony TV and the crappy Element TV I bought at Target before they closed. Odd isn't it?
I have no problems connecting the Globe plug to google home mini/assistant. What I want to do is for the hub to recognize the plug so I can just press a button on the remote to turn it on and off. I don't think it's supported though.
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Nov 27, 2018
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Amazon price went up too...should I buy from Amazon now, or wait for the price drop from Amazon later?
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Sep 12, 2006
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Ecsta wrote: Uhhhh the ones with the screen last a few days before needing to be charged, the ones without a screen last a year on a watch battery.
Not only that, people are always hiding the remote it seems, I always use google home mini and my phone, which I usually have with me.
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Oct 3, 2012
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Hamilton, Ontario
I have one and I like it a lot. The remote is very light, the batteries last a long time, and you don’t need line of sight from the remote to the hub.

The downside is integration to power switches is cludgy. It took more than 12 hours to get pistons to work so I can turn on the entertainment centre wifi power switch when running an activity like watch neflix. Basically activities only allow such devices to be turned on at the end of the Activity, so you need a loop to toggle the Activity multiple times.
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Sep 29, 2005
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My Amazon purchase has shipped by Canada Post. Estimated delivery date is 04/26 however most of my recent orders have arrived early.