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best carrier to go with for my area

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Dec 11, 2006
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Richmond Hill, Ontar…

best carrier to go with for my area


Currently I am with Koodo and the coverage is great for most of Ontario, yet very low signal where I live (North Richmond Hill). I like my plan with Koodo and dont want to jump ship necessarily as I usually have good signal while travelling.

I used an android app (forgot which one) and i told me hat there is a cell tower not too far from me and yet my signal in my home is poor. Its even poor when I walk out to my street. Would anyone know how to determine which carrier services where I live with decent signal? I am interested in Virgin mobiles $50 5 gb data plan with unlimited minutes since this is similar to my plan with Koodo. Any way to know what type of signal I can expect without actually committing to anything?
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Mar 2, 2017
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Telus/Koodo/Public/Bell/Virgin/Lucky all use the same tower system. So signal strength is likely to be the same for all of them. Rogers/Fido/Chatr are separate and could be different.

Try looking at this site to see what towers are closer to you, although signal strength is more complicated than just distance to the nearest tower.

Most providers have at 15 day (and likely limits on talk time and data usage too) buyers remorse. You could sign up for Rogers/Fido/Chatr, test it out and return it. Or check with a neighbour. But there's no easy way to generalize without testing that specific location.

And FIY, if you were to switch to Virgin, the Lucky to Virgin migration route would give you a better plan (6GB for $40 with BYOP). But things are changing tomorrow, so time will tell what the new offers are.
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Nov 1, 2009
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Could also be a hardware issue.

What's your current phone right now OP?

Like @ddot98 says Bell & Telus, along with their sub brands use the same tower.


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