Best cash back to book flight via Air Canada

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Best cash back to book flight via Air Canada

Hi - I am trying to book a flight to London via Air Canada. There is no cash back on Rakuten for Air Canada flights. You can go through Expedia but the cash back is a set amount of $1.25 (sad when it’s a $800+ flight). I tried to go through PC travel but it’s much more expensive than going through Air Canada directly. They do have a price match policy but last time I called into PC travel I was on hold for an hour plus, not worth my time / hassle. Anyone have any ideas for the best cash back here? Thanks !
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Something like flights where they cost just about the same wherever you look
(And always best to book direct anyhow ... incase something goes wrong ... you want to be able to have direct contact, and not be flipped off back to your 3rd Party Reseller )

And as you’ve discovered ...
There are so many rules to what does & doesnt stack
(Like your Rakuten findings)
Then your best bet is Book Direct with a CC that has Rewards or Cash Back

Of which there are plenty
Which one ?

Well that’s a personal preference sort of thing
Where you bank, what other CCs you carry
Biz or Leisure
What other Reward Programs you belong too

Not one SET ANSWER to this Question

Places to get ideas / info
RFD’s own CREDIT CARDS SUB FORUM = credit-cards-f189/