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Best Customer Service ever?

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  • Oct 3rd, 2018 9:56 pm
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Apr 24, 2017
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Best Customer Service ever?

We all know most people speak up only when there’s a complaint about service received. I thought it would be interesting to hear which companies have resonated with RFDers for really blowing you away with great service. Not to say that it’s always that way for everyone but just your own personal ‘well done’
This isn’t meant to shill, just a quick mention of great service.
I can think of three companies that made me say wow.

1. Omnipod- daughter is diabetic and they have been awesome. No wait on hold and failed insulin pump replaced and delivered to friends house where we were on a Saturday night at 10pm. 2 hours after the call.

2. Tesla. Had an issue with a new car and they were like no other car company I ever dealt with.

3. Intact insurance. Had a big crash a few years ago and they were outstanding with me. No chiseling or back and forth on payout. Car was totaled and their first offer was higher than any like car I found on auto trader. I’d prepared for a fight and didn’t need to. Property damaged in the car, suit torn and ruined, all replaced without bickering.