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Best Laptop/Chromebook under $350

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Jan 24, 2016
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Best Laptop/Chromebook under $350

Good day!

I haven't purchased laptop for awhile and now am thinking of buying a Chromebook or Laptop for $350 budget.

I'm mostly need it for browsing/checking emails and MS Office.

Any suggestions? TIA
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May 14, 2005
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too bad you missed the deal on the acer @ costco clearance 2 weeks ago.. that was a good deal
This is unlikely to come back in stock.. i set up alert for this...

I would say $350 budget is good but in an awkward spot

Either you spend like less than 200 bucks and get whatever is cheap.. or you spend 500+ on the top of the line stuff
There arent many within the $350 range that is worth buying in my opinion. mostly they are same processor as the $200 range chromebooks. with some bells and whistles.. ie. touch screen , i rather save that $150

It also depends on what screen size you need, 11.6"? 14" 15"

If you dont mind used/demos.. i highly recommend staples on ebay, aka surplusbydesign
this auction ends friday. This should go for $130-140 before shipping if i had to take a guess.

Dont buy chromebooks with N3060 etc.. at least buy N4000 or higher.. i bought both my kids an ASUS C204 ... -chrome-os
for $120 shipping incl on surplusbydesign.. very good for their use and my kids dont really type that much or know the difference between bilingual vs english keyboard, so they are very happy with it ... s/14541985
there is the duet.. when it is on sale.. it fits your budget..
it is on surplusbydesign for like $160 or so if you bid on the auctions

good luck
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Oct 26, 2016
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I got my wife Acer Spin from Shoppers Drug Mart last Black Friday for $399. At that time they had a deal for spend $250 points and redeem $400 so I got it for free. If you have some points and can combine the purchase with either earning or redeeming the points this is a pretty good deal.

She is quite happy with it. Her main use is Youtube, social media and web browing. Easily gets 10hrs + battery time with her usage. The touch screen and foldability into a tablet like state is a plus and comes in handy when she is lying in bed/reclinging and watching videos. ... 3199857521
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May 11, 2009
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I can't recommend any chromebook, even if all you plan to do is browse I bet you'll run into a situation where you'll want to run something only to realize you need windows. This may be fine if it's a second computer, but as a single/primary machine no way.

If your budget is 350, that's approaching some of the decent AMD ryzen-based laptop deals that have popped up here .

If you insist on one, do look out for something with at least a Celeron N4100
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