Best Place to Find Obscure Flight Deals?

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Feb 14, 2017
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Best Place to Find Obscure Flight Deals?

I'm looking for a forum, or a website that's able to find obscure flight connections and explorations through the world with a few days layover, or city connections, with times of years best to travel, and cities to connect with.

Something like how my friend found this:;i ... 11-30;tt=m

It's under $600 just to visit Beijing for a couple of days, then out to Japan for three weeks, before coming back to Toronto.

A ticket to Asia is generally around $1000 in of itself, so that's a really good deal.
I just wouldn't find myself doing anything in Beijing because I don't have much interest in Chinese countries/cities... maybe except for Shanghai (the cuisine is nice).

Can anyone help?

Edit: Or maybe provide tips as to WHY that flight itinerary works to get a cheap flight? (ie. best days to travel to Asia, or a certain city, or times of years to travel, etc...)
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Apr 5, 2009
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Toronto had a post about this route having low prices. In this case, it seems the key is to flying with United in late fall to Asia. Multiple dates and connections work. Why? Go ask United. Incidentally, they were the ones offering sub $600 flights to Japan this March.

I'm not quite sure how people initially find these unusually low fares, is it just sheer luck of trying to price out an itinerary you actually are interested in, or is it in any way automated.

Personally, I just follow that website and if destinations I want are showing up, I'll try various combinations of dates and what not to see how flexible the offer is. I'm sure there are other sites like that but I find yyzdeals sufficient for my needs at this point.

PS. I love the timing on the PEK connection. It can be tweaked pretty much to the limit for how long you can stay without applying for a visa ;) Inbound flight arriving at 3pm, outbound leaving at 2:30.
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don't visit YYZDeals, Chris STEALS deals from FT or ND or other places without siting the source... shameful blogger
that's why Rishi left Chris' FB group (very dictatorship controlled) and started his/her own blog, great decision!!
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