Best Sports Management Program for Ontario Colleges

Jan 30, 2016
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Best Sports Management Program for Ontario Colleges


got accepted to Humber College for Sports Management (3 year program) and Durham College (2 year program). Did anyone study in either college/program? Any information would be helpful for picking a program. Leaning towards Humber College as it is an Advanced diploma versus a regular diploma when I come out.

Thanks in advance :)
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Dec 27, 2013
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Sorry, I don't have any specific knowledge of this program, but the advice I always give to people asking this type of question is to reach out to people working in the field and ask them. What type of job do you want to do with your sports management diploma? Find people doing that job and ask them whether or not the school you went to makes a difference in that particular industry. Twitter is a great way to ask this type of "cold call" question to people. LinkedIn as well.
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Dec 15, 2015
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My buddy took this at Brock, or something similar. Landed a bunch of interviews right away but the jobs all ended up with people with Law backgrounds ontop of the sports management side. Every single one of them lol The guy was no academic slouch either and was well connected in the sports community.

He opted to start a family instead of pursuing law school.


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