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Best store for Appliance prices / selection

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Jul 3, 2007
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Best store for Appliance prices / selection

Need to buy a fridge , stove, and microwave, any locations I should be checking out?

Was gonna start with home depot....
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First and foremost ...

You should be most concerned about the quality / reliability of each item

That trumps where to buy.

So make a list of your NEEDS vs WANTS ... and WOULE BE NICE TO HAVES

Then check reviews (Consumer Reports is excellent ... cuz they are independent & not in any way tied to a Manufacturer or Retailer website)

And DO NOT get trapped by the idea that you need to buy a suite of appliances all made by the same manufacturer. It’s sooo not worth it .., despite the savings. Cuz the truth is not every manufacturer is good at all things. (Example ... Maytag has an excellent record on “wet” appliances like Washers & Dishwashers ... but not so much on other things. Same for all Manufacturers, the one that excels as Stoves, may SUCK ROYALY at something else)

Then scout out where to buy... the particular models you are looking for

Costco has excellent Pricing / Sales, Return Policy, Warranty. And offers decent Delivery, Haul Away & Installation. BUT Costco doesn’t carry a wide choice of models.

Lowes would be my second choice ... they also offer Price Matching + 10%.
I bought a stove from them last Fall, and was very happy with the whole experience.

Behind those 2 ... In no particular order ... Rona, Home Depot, and an assortment of other stores ... including LOCAL appliance or Mom & Pop Furniture Stores.
DONT BUY FROM THE BRICK whatever you do
(And in all cases GOOGLE BEFORE you buy anything / anywhere ... cuz there are lots of info to be found on the Internet ... esp when it comes to bad experiences with SKETCHY Retailers )

BTW ... the RFD HOME & GARDEN FORUM = home-garden-f53/
Is overflowing with threads on appliances
(Also where the Mods will most likely move this thread to)

Seems someone asks every week
You might want to check them out
It’s SEARCHABLE too ... so you can look for just DWs, Stoves, etc

PS : To everything there is a season
Best time to buy most appliances = Autumn
Exception is Fridges = Spring
Cuz this is when last years models are cleared out
And the new models are delivered to the stores ... ppliances/
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Jan 9, 2011
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Fully agree with @PointsHubby. Your property taxes are already paying for an online subscription to Consumer Reports through the public library. Log in there and read the recommendations.

Getting appliances you are happy with that work well and last are a far better gamble for the money than whatever clearance deal is on right now with appliance models you haven’t done any research on. Major appliances are big ticket items you constantly use, consumer research matters more on them than on anything else except maybe cars.