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Best ultra affordable android phone - options for under $100?

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Oct 15, 2016
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Best ultra affordable android phone - options for under $100?

Speakout sells this for $100, discounted to $75 if you buy at least $50 top up.

Is this the best ultra affordable android? I am looking at buying this to replace my aging second phone. For my second phone, I never use camera, and almost never use data. Pretty much always on wifi.

Rather not go to the used market. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you

• 5.0” 480 x 854px screen resolution
• 1.4GHz Quad core processor
• 5.0MP rear camera w/flash
• 2.0MP front camera
• Face ID unlock
• Bluetooth Ver 4.2
• Android 11

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Oct 15, 2016
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$19 Face With Tears Of Joy but the clamshell is a bit too much. And I see this is not an android phone.
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Apr 25, 2019
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user3127 wrote: $19 Face With Tears Of Joy but the clamshell is a bit too much. And I see this is not an android phone.
How about the Ulefone Note 6 it's $98 on Amazon.ca and it runs on Android 11. Cameras not great, but it's a decent option under $100.
Limited-time deal: Latest Android 11 Cell Phone Unlocked for Canada, 2022 Ulefone Note 6 Quad-core 1GB+32GB Smartphone Android Phone, 5MP+2MP Camera, 6.1" HD+ Screen 3300mAh Battery 3G Cell Phone for Seniors https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B09H2SGR6L/ref ... ABXK4NQS7A

Another good option is the ZTE Blade A7P on any of the Big Three. It's a bit more, (Around $150) but it's a good option and it has a fingerprint scanner.
Koodo BF 2022 $30 20 GB ($25 for first 5 months!)
Samsung Galaxy A53 owner.
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eklips wrote: This one is a bit more than the Maxwest but has much better specs.


The cheapest would be Public Mobile but they don't have stock at the moment

https://www.publicmobile.ca/en/on/phone ... e-cymbal-2

I am looking for a phone for my mother in law (who lives abroad), basic Android phone that will be used for calls and texts (cellular) and WhatsApp, Skype, and Messenger (texts and calls - wi-fi).
I think my priorities are:
1. Reliability (something that will last for 2 years) so I want 2 GB of Ram at least + 32 GB of internal storage (the Alcatel above only has 1 GB of RAM)
2. Priced around $120
3. Unlocked (to be used overseas)

I have been looking at several online stores, and also on Facebook Marketplace (mainly looking for used reliable brands, rather than unknown brands):
A. Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Gold $134 + taxes
B. Samsung Galaxy A03s 32GB (Open Box, Best Buy) $130 + taxes
C. LG G820 G8 US$83 incl shipping to Canada - Seller Notes: “Screen has a spot. Everything else works.”
Few choices of Samsung S7 on Best Buy Marketplace and Facebook Marketplace for $120.

Any thoughts? TIA
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May 27, 2016
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If it's going to be used overseas then you need to make sure it has bands that are compatible with the region; NA bands are different than European and Asian bands

Personally I would probably choose a newer Android phone than an older one.

Public Mobile has a Moto G for a bit more than $120 but they do have a $30 bill credit if you happen to have one of their plans. You'd have to check compatibility for overseas though.

https://www.publicmobile.ca/en/on/phone ... ola-g-pure

The BB open box is no longer available online and I didn't see any in the GVA. I would stay away from BB Marketplace.

I would stay away from Sprint unlocked phones as lots of people have problems getting them to work.

Generally lots of stuff on Amazon.



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