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Best way to buy sunglasses

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Nov 21, 2019
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Best way to buy sunglasses

Fellow rfd'ers, what is the best way to buy good sunglasses? I've never bought pricey ones before and figure there is a way to make it worthwhile. Looking at non prescription ray bans or something of the sort
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You just gotta keep trying on pairs and often times even wear them for a while. I'm very picky, some lenses I don't like, some frames block my vision, some aren't comfy. Oakley has free shipping and free returns so you can order a bunch and try. They also have different types of lenses that have different filters, so lots of options.

Maui Jim are supposed to have very good quality and service and the best glass lenses. They also have free returns.

I've had a few raybans and they are nothing special.

Don't worry about deal yet, find out what you like for sure then work on getting a good price
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Consider polarized lenses to reduce glare from sunlight. RayBans usually show "RayBan P" for their polarized styles which might be easier to notice if you shopping in person.
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Is there a worst way to buy sunglasses?
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Find the ones you like in a store and be patient until you find a better price for them online. is 1 to keep an eye on.
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Feb 22, 2016
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Just like anything else, your needs and your budget will never exactly match somebody else's. So treat this like any other purchase -- first decide on your budget, then shop around for the best sunglasses that meet your needs for that price.

I know it seems to be the default reply to any thread on RFD, but definitely look for Costco sales on sunglasses. Never pay their regular prices. Their Serengetis are definitely in the rotation for sale pricing, just might have to wait a few months for it to go on sale again. And unlike online ordering, at Costco you can try them on instore and make sure the fit and tint are to your liking.

Worst place to buy would probably be Sunglass Hut at the mall. That's for tourists who lost theirs or forgot them at home... so you're just overpaying.
Second worse would be buying some brand/knockoff from China you never heard of, from eBay/Aliexpress/Wish/etc. Now you're buying crap.

Before buying a brand you never heard of, look them up online first. Personal example of this: I never heard of Maui Jim until a few years ago ... looked them up to find out they're some of the best out there (but you pay $$$ for them). Those are my "bucket list" or "big splurge" goal sunglasses. If you have money to blow, try them....
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Aug 18, 2011
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I like oakley website for tons of customization