Best way to network into a new job and avoid the faceless online application process?

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Jan 28, 2018
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Best way to network into a new job and avoid the faceless online application process?

For those looking for new opportunities without having to go through the online application process, what do you do?
Do you contact a head hunter, or recruiter, or seek out networking opportunities? How do you go about networking?
Currently in Halifax and underworked and underchallenged in my current position and trying to find an upgrade.
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Go to local industry events - conferences or trade shows. Get your current employer to pay for it. If there are none in Halifax travel if you need to.

At these events, talk to people from companies of interest (people wear name tags on lanyards). Almost everyone likes to talk about their jobs so conversation is easy even for people who are generally not out-going (like you, OP, wink-wink, nudge-nudge). Talk to them as an industry peer, not as a job-seeker. Follow-up after the event and tell them you liked talking to them and had been thinking of joining company ABC for a while. The rest is self explanatory...
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What field are you in? What do you want to do instead in your current field? Can you switch to another related field? You mention you are underworked and unchallenged, what is it that you want more of?

Halifax should have more opportunities than many of your other neighbours, but I guess it depends on your field.