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best way to water seal a deck?

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May 23, 2017
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best way to water seal a deck?

my deck is now over a year old and its time to seal it. What should I use to do that? The people who built it said thompsons water seal but the reviews are pretty bad.

Does anyone have a recommendation on what to use and how to apply?
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Mar 22, 2017
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Use a penetrating sealer only, not a film forming sealer. Penetrating sealers go into the wood and are fairly easy to remove and top up. Film forming sealers are basically paint, and they will peel, flake and are near-impossible to remove. Don't cheap out, you'll regret it.

For penetrating sealers, two popular brands on this site are Cutek Extreme (Australian oil-based) and Sansin Dec (Canadian water-based). In independent tests, these two were the top options available. I personally used Cutek and had a good experience, either one is fine. They are not particularly cheap, but they look and perform much better than a cheap big box stain does and you really want to do this properly as fixing it is not fun.

You can choose from a lot of colours, or go clear and let it slowly silver out. Up to you, I use some colour and like the look.

To prep a deck that is new and not previously stained, you can just use a deck cleaner to remove surface grime, then maybe a light pole sanding with 80 grit to remove any pending rough splintery bits. Once clean, dry and dust-free (I used a shopvac on the deck), apply the stain as per direction. There are a few threads on this forum about just your topic.

Best of luck!
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Apr 10, 2017
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Huge thread above. I should show my results over there

Ended up using Armstrong
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