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Beware: CashBack Research is a scam!

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  • Jan 25th, 2014 3:01 am
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Dec 16, 2013
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Beware: CashBack Research is a scam!

I'm posting this as a warning to others who think making money through online surveys is a good idea. There are many scam sites out there claiming to offer you money from doing surveys. At the outset, I intuitively knew many websites claiming such a thing were likely scam sites, but then I happened upon a site called "" and thought the website layout looked credible enough for me to join and try it out (stupid me, I know). You are automatically credited $5 upon creating an account with them, and you are then immediately directed to the "dashboard" page where you can view all your activity and current earnings. An additional 5 cents is credited to your account once a day for each day you log in.

There are about 10 or so "profile surveys" to the left of your dashboard. These are short, and each one gives/credits you 25 cents. (Certainly not much at all, but since these profile surveys are short and take under a minute each, the user sees them as worth completing.) Then, to the right of your dashboard, there are about 15 listed "survey panels" (websites where you create an account with them and they will keep sending daily surveys to you by email), which you are advised -- through a message announcement at the top of your dashboard -- to join at least 10 if you want a credit bonus of $10, be upgraded to the next level of "Silver" user status, and unlock some more "daily surveys" at the bottom of your dashboard.

So with this background info in place, here is how the scam works:

The victim will first notice that in order to receive the payout, they have to accumulate at least $20 in credit. So, he/she opts to do the easiest part first: the short "profile surveys". After this, the victim will have earned about $7.50 total in their account. There will be no more profile surveys to do, so they will move on to the next thing: signing up for the "survey panels" to unlock more surveys, and to get a credit bonus of $10 after 10 panels are completed. First off, not all of the survey panels you join will get recognized by your account -- I completed and joined 7 panels, yet only 2 of them were recognized/registered on my dashboard. (I think this was intentional -- CashBack Research wants to scam you into joining as many survey panels as possible.) This is supposed to elicit confusion on the part of the victim, wherein he/she may think it's just a weird tech glitch and attempt to join even more panels to meet the 10 threshold.
Yet, this will never happen! The game is rigged: out of the all the 15 survey panels listed on the right of the dashboard, only a minimal set number -- 2 or 3 -- will actually be registered/recognized (checkmark appears beside the survey panel link) by your dashboard. So you will never reach the 10 threshold on your account, no matter how many panels you join. Additionally, after joining your first recognized panel and acquiring the first checkmark, special "daily surveys" are "unlocked" at the bottom of your dashboard. It is heavily implied that you will earn more money after completing these, but please don't even bother -- I completed some of them, and no money whatsoever was credited to my account at the end of them.

So, in conclusion, you are left with around $7.50 in your account, and nothing more to do to raise it to $20. Since your credit remains under $20, you can never expect to actually get paid for what you have done -- and this is EXACTLY the point of Cash Back Research's scam scheme. They make it so that you put in all the work filling out surveys and joining random survey sites -- encouraging you each step of the way by "adding" cash credit to your dashboard -- and then in the end, make it so that you can never reach the $20 threshold required to receive your "payout". (I suppose I could be persistent and try to log in everyday -- for the 5 cents daily payout -- for the next 250 days, but realistically speaking, NOBODY is going to put the time and effort into something stupid like that; and even if you do try, you may find that you still won't get paid after those 250 days from some handy-dandy "error message".) Hence, this is all essentially a shady tactic to get you to fill out their surveys and join their affiliates for free, up until you realize you've been scammed all along into believing you'd actually get paid for it.

Fortunately, I have wasted only about 40 minutes of my time filling out these surveys and joining the panels before I realized this was a scam, but what will probably be a pain in the butt for the next few days is having to de-subscribe from all those survey panels I joined on my email list.

So folks, whatever you do, don't fall into the trap that is "CashBack Research".
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Dec 10, 2012
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you really think us RFD got that much time to do that kind of 3rd world work?
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Apr 15, 2011
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badsha wrote: you really think us RFD got that much time to do that kind of 3rd world work?
I think a ton of RFD members actually do these surveys. I agree though, no idea how anyone could have the time to waste on those sort of things. Especially because - whats the rate of return? $0.75 for 15 minutes or time? I would rather work for $11 minimum wage of whatever it is.
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Nov 9, 2008
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Good to know! Thanks. Any legitimate survey site thats worth doing?
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Aug 13, 2012
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The only time I tried doing surveys was like 5 years ago lol quickly realized that this whole thing is scam
Jan 11, 2014
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Not worth the time for $20 or whatever amount posted there. And you need to give up your personal particulars to them so that you can receive the money.