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Jul 7, 2008
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beware of Parts Engine

I had previous dealings with PartsEngine.ca over the years, never had a problem till this order. I filtered my query for floor mats using their vehicle selector, 1 result was returned. Read over the description, which mentioned they are vehicle specific, made to fit etc. Great, I bought the floor mats which was similar price to any other direct fit floor mat, around $120 (Maxpider, Weather Tech etc).

Fast forward a few weeks, I got the mats which were on back order and noticed right away they didn't fit quite right and would slide around because they didn't contour to the floor. I checked again on the manufacturer website that I got the right product and I did but noticed the product is listed as multi fit and may require trimming (which won't help in the case of the floor pan contours). Had I wanted universal/multi-fit mats I would have bought a $40 set from Costco.

I email Parts Engine support, which asked for photos. They took a week or more for each email response and eventually came back after a month with "sorry, but you used the mats, final decision." They also removed the floor mats from the search results for the vehicle in question. While yes, I did use the mats for a few days before realizing they didn't fit, but I removed them once I realized there was a problem so I don't cause any further wear.

I tried going through PayPal dispute and they denied the claim as well saying that I did get floor mats despite them being incorrectly described.

TLDR; Be weary of dealing with PartsEngine because:
- their post sales support follow up is inexcusably slow
- their search by vehicle selector returns multi fit parts
- their product descriptions can be incorrect or misleading
- they won't refund based on an error on their side