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B&H Photo Video Black Friday

DJI FPV Drone Combo (with different bundle options)

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  • Nov 30th, 2021 2:02 am
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Jun 18, 2008
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[B&H Photo Video] [Black Friday] DJI FPV Drone Combo (with different bundle options)

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December 3, 2021
B&H Photo Video
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For those looking to get into FPV drone, with a drone that just works and without the hassle of building your own, came across what looks to me like a really great deal on this DJI FPV Drone combo from B&H that includes the FPV Goggles V2. Free shipping to Canada, with no duties, just HST.

I've been flying DJI drones professionally for a few years now, but never tried FPV. Finally pulled the trigger when I found this deal. Have never seen these go on sale before.

In addition to the basic combo, B&H also has a few very interesting bundles that are discounted for Cyber Week:

FPV Combo w/ custom case, 128gb SD card, Strobe light: USD $1,009 (a no brainer, probably the best deal of all, you get a custom cutout Nanuk hard case + extras for $9) ... _with.html

FPV Combo w/ custom case and Fly More Kit (2 extra batteries): USD $1,422 ... _case.html

FPV Combo w/ Fly More kit, 256gb SD card, strobe light: USD $1,264.73 ... _with.html
* This is the combo I went with because I wanted to buy a smaller, more portable case for travelling, which I found on for $45. also has the basic combo for CAD $1,399 as a Cyber Monday deal, but then you're paying over $100 extra, compared to B&H.

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What are some common locations in Toronto and vicinity to actually fly?! Really want to try FPV…
Sep 18, 2009
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Wow, great deal! FPV is a really fun hobby and DJI made it really accessible in a space where there’s usually a lot of tinkering involved to get up and running. This guy can do acrobatic stuff typical of FPV but can also do the more autonomous cinematic work that DJI is known for.

@vtse If you want to fly heavier chonkers like this one, I personally use apps like AirMap to check whether the location is legal for flying (eg far enough away from an airport). Technically, for any drones above 250g, at least a basic license is required to fly anywhere in Canada unfortunately. The DJI interface will actually tell you whether or not you can fly before you liftoff.

Once getting knee-deep into the hobby, I highly recommend the Drone Pilot Canada app to find safe flight areas - a guy on YouTube (“Don Drones On”) developed it and his channel is entirely dedicated to droning safely and legally (basically a study course to get your license). It is pricy but it lists every legal fly zone in detail and comes with a built-in checklist as per regulation.

Otherwise, there are tons of sub-250g FPV drones where you don’t need a license and can technically fly anywhere (safely), but downsides are they can take some tinkering to get running.

Easiest way is to buy a Bind-N-Fly (BNF) set so you can just open it up and go. As a taster, some mini-drone kits from BetaFPV or Emax come with goggles, drone, and a controller for less than $200. Upside is cost, easy charging, and can fly anywhere due to its size. Downside is short flight times and small drones feel twitchy for beginners compared to larger ones.

For something closer to the experience in OP’s deal, I recommend getting a BNF drone combo with the DJI system (ie it uses the same goggles and controller as in this deal) but at that point you’re getting to the price of this deal and with more tinkering, albeit staying under 250g.

TL;DR - This is ATL, DJI FPV is awesome but Canadian drone laws make it hard to fly legally anywhere without a license due to it being over 250g. There are other options but take some finagling, though worth it if you like tinkering.