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Nov 30, 2020
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Bike rollers


I am looking for recommendations on bike rollers for my husband. I know he really wants to train inside on rollers and I am planning on buying him rollers for Christmas.

He is an avid rider. In the summer he used to go for 70-100km bike rides around the city. He has not ridden a bike since it got cold.

We are currently in a second floor apartment with wood floors. Apartment seems noise proof. Our upstairs neighbour apologized once for her zumba but honestly I have not once heard her and I work from home so I am here most of the time. This makes me think our downstairs neighbours will be fine but I am not sure.

I am looking to buy from a store in QC if possible so I can be sure to receive them before Christmas. I don't have a set budget at this time. If the price is high but rollers are worth it then I will be willing to splurge a little.

So far I have found these rollers. Price difference is significant between them. What are your thoughts on these? Or do you have any other recommendations?

https://www.primeauvelo.com/en/nero-rol ... 23766.html
https://www.bicyclesquilicot.com/en/rou ... -890452-01
https://www.bicyclesquilicot.com/en/rou ... li-0162001
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Basically you have three levels of rollers there.

The Tax is a basic set of rollers where how hard your husband works is based on his gear and how hard he pedals

The Elite Quick Motion are similar, but allow you to add resistance, so you can do some different workout.

The Elite Nero are smart rollers, where they can simulate hills on Zwift or follow workout plans on Trainer Road or SufferFest.

Basically, you should see what he wants. Pros and Cons to all of them.
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And make sure he wants rollers and not a trainer.
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cRaZyRaVr wrote: And make sure he wants rollers and not a trainer.
X2 Anyway, smart trainers are sold out anywhere. On Kijiji/FB you used trainers with asking price above the MSRP+tx
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