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Black's flyer: photo book?

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  • Jan 7th, 2010 10:20 pm
Nov 11, 2007
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Black's flyer: photo book?

The boxing day flyer from Black's has a "Quick Print Book" on for $22.99 -- savings of $200. Basically you get 25 8x10s printed and the book for the $22.99. Crazy good deal.

I could swear I went online last night and saw the ad for it on their front page as well, saying you order the prints "for free" and then ask the clerk in the store for the book. Now the ad is out of the rotation on their front page.

I can't find anything on their site for printing these particular books on their website. Does anyone have any experience with these? Is it an in-store only deal, or can it somehow be printed online?

(Just gotta know if I'm scrounging for a cd at mom & dad's place tonight.)
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Jun 23, 2008
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Can anyone comment on this? I am thinking of popping in tomorrow and making one of these. Seems like a great deal.


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