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BMO Insists on Paying Property Tax with Mortgage Payment

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  • Feb 27th, 2018 10:40 am
Feb 20, 2018
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BMO Insists on Paying Property Tax with Mortgage Payment

Hey guys, the internet is not giving me a clear answer on this. Basically, in my BMO property tax account, after two years of mortgage (CMHC, we had 5% down) we have almost $1000 sitting there because our property taxes are low and they are taking double what they need to take, and holding it in escrow.

I reached out in person at an appointment, told him that from what I read, the loan to value ratio was now below what I thought was the minimum to pay the property taxes yourself, and requested that they deposit those funds into my bank account instead of holding it in escrow. He typed a bit on his computer, and told me no problem, he sent off the request!
A week later, I heard nothing, so I emailed, and I got this response:

"So our property tax team came back to me and said that they were unable to close the account because the mortgage is still default insured. This will continue for the duration of the mortgage. if you bring me your property tax notice I can see if we can get the amount withdrawn reduced down to the lowest amount."

So basically, I can't have money that is being double-paid ? It seems backwards to me.
What should I do, should I try and go above this guy and speak to someone else? I can't even find documentation of where this is mandatory or it's some arbitrary bank rule.

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Feb 23, 2009
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Welcome to reality.
Banks think you are a credit risk and like to collect in advance from you.
They also make money off your money.
Solution: Buy bank stocks and always have at least 20% down.
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Feb 29, 2008
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Tarrana & The Ri…
That's what happens when you put 5% down.
Jan 6, 2012
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TD started doing that to me and I screamed that I took my mortgage with them to keep it under $1200 and i refused to pay a penny more. they yielded. when i paid my mortgage off, i was so happy to be rid of them digging into my pockets for more tax money. yes, i paid with 5% down.
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Feb 16, 2018
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Banks can do that if they deem you a risk. if $1k sitting there for a few years is causing you any sort of hardship at all because you need that money than it's probably a good idea for the bank to hold it.
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Jan 15, 2017
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The guy told you what to do next. Bring a copy of your property tax bill that clearly shows that the bank is over estimating the tax amount and request a readjustment.
Feb 20, 2018
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Thanks for the tips, guys. I forgot to mention that we've made $16,000 in lump sump payments in the two years, so I figured that would have some merit.. I guess the down payment equaling 20 % has to be done at the beginning or it doesn't matter though. It's not causing us any hardship to have the money there, but it would be better somewhere it was collecting actual interest.


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