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Boiler and Heat Pump Control- accessories or Nest for remote access and control

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Nov 21, 2007
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Boiler and Heat Pump Control- accessories or Nest for remote access and control

I’m building a 3 level 2300 sf house on the ocean. It will be heated by Navien Propane Combi- Boiler (boiler and tankless hot water- NCB-E 210), and 2 heat pumps(Moovair -Outdoor unit model # DM27HOM23230X2 ,Indoor 18000 model # DM18HIW23230E3 and Indoor 9000 model # DM09HIW23230E3)

The basement will have in-floor hot water heat. The other 2 floors will have water baseboard and 2 heat pumps.
There will be 3 zones for the Navien Combi Boiler.

I have some questions about accessories for both heating units. The Navien has a Navilink Wifi controller that allows remote access. I think it cost about $500. The Moovair heat pump has a similar accessory for roughly the same cost.

I think it makes more sense to purchase a smart thermostat like Nest or Ecobee etc.

My question surrounds control- a long shot- will the latest smart thermostats allow for intuitive control of both the Navien and Moovair at the same time. Meaning access the temp outside and either turn on the heat pump or Navien depending on parameters? For the sake of this scenario lets assume only one zone.
Is this possible?

Secondary question- will one of these smart thermostat control all 3 zones or do I need 3 of them ?

Another Navien question- I was going to ask about the accessory PeakFlowE-Anti-scale system but I have decided to go with a blue light and filter whole home solution for my water. If any of you have a rural home with this boiler – please comment on water filtration re the boiler.