Bonvoy Points Conversion to Airline Miles

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Bonvoy Points Conversion to Airline Miles

I tried googling this but could not find an answer. I was wondering if I can transfer bonvoy points to my spouse's airline reward account or does it have to be in the same name?

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Take it you didn’t look very hard ...

Info is right on the Bonvoy website ... .mi#redeem

Under Bonvoy Program T&Cs
Section 3.11 - Airline Frequent Flyer Programs and Other Affiliated Loyalty Programs

NOTE - Section 3.11 has 6 subsections (a) thru (f)
But here’s the gist:
3.11.a. Members may redeem Points with participating airline frequent flyer programs and other airline-affiliated loyalty programs at a designated Points to Miles conversion ratio as indicated here. If applicable, to achieve a bonus for transferred Points to a frequent-flyer program, or other airline-affiliated loyalty program, Marriott Bonvoy Points must be transferred through a single transaction at the noted threshold for bonus achievement.

3.11.b. Members requesting to convert Points earned through the Marriott Bonvoy Loyalty Program to participating airline partner Miles, must be a member of both Marriott Bonvoy and the relevant participating airline partner frequent flyer program and/or airline-affiliated loyalty program in order to successfully complete the conversion.
** For most Loyalty Program airline partners, the Points being transferred from a Member’s Marriott Bonvoy Account must be transferred to that Member’s account held in the same name for the frequent flyer program. **
In other words, both the Member‘s Marriott Bonvoy Membership Account name and airline frequent flyer program account name must match in order to successfully complete the Points to Miles conversion.
Please refer to each airline partner’s loyalty program website and/or terms and conditions for additional details on name matching requirements in order to complete Points to Miles conversions. For details on joining an airline frequent flyer program and/or other airline-affiliated loyalty program, please refer to that particular airline or loyalty program website and terms and conditions. Marriott Bonvoy reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to prevent or cancel transactions where (i) Marriott Bonvoy has reason to believe that the identity of the Member converting the Points to Miles does not match the identity of the person receiving the Miles for airlines which require an exact name match or (ii) where Marriott Bonvoy suspects there has been any fraudulent activity connected with the Points to Miles conversion in relation to the Member’s Account.
The bolding & ** are mine
So it seems you also need to check with the Airline Loyalty Program as well

PS ... there’s a nice promo running now for transferring points to Airline Miles ... o-miles.mi