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Mar 6, 2019
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xtremeguy wrote: But how they sound? lol lets say compare to airpods?
I have a pair of the AirPods Pro and these, i definitely prefer the Bose for ANC (it’s much better than the AirPods IMO) at the gym and walking around.

In terms of comfort, the AirPods lead the way for sure. I will say the Bose are great, it’s just AirPods have a smaller footprint.

Sound wise they feel similar, both sound great for wireless buds. I’m no audiophile though.
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Sep 1, 2015
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droopytrash wrote: I had these. You can hear your footsteps when you walk. They died when walking to work in -10c weather. Returned them.
They had to be defective. I find these to have the best ANC out of all the earbud styles. Much better than Airpod Pro and the XM3. Haven't tested the newest Sony. Bose even updated these to have more controls and modes and on Quiet, I literally cannot even hear a loud tv playing near me.

The only negative is that they are big and somewhat heavy, but Bose stayhear tips are all that fit in my ears without falling out, so its why I have two pairs of these, 2 pairs of Soundsport with the wire behind neck, and had like 5 wired earbud versions.
Sep 25, 2009
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They have been on sale before, which obviously was not followed by a newcmodel. Bose sales are common.
Sep 25, 2009
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I bought these for $349 before the sale. I Just dropped into Costco to get $100 back with their price protection policy. I like these because the wing tips ensure they stay in my ear while I'm on the go. Instead of falling out like a lot of other earbuds. Noise cancellation is excellent and sound is pretty good. For those who don't know, if the supplied eartips don't fit you can order half sizes from the Bose site. I did that and find that size 2 1/2 works best for me.


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