BOSS expecting use of personal articles for work purposes --WHAT DO?

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Dec 10, 2011
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BOSS expecting use of personal articles for work purposes --WHAT DO?

Hi ya'll

Was wondering your opinions on something. In a previous job my boss expected the employees to use their personal cell phones for work purposes... for instance to communicate with me while at work about work-related matters (this was a traveling-oriented job so we were often separated from our desks).

Personally, I am paying out of pocket for my cell phone bill, and I simply think it's unfair that I should be using my private services for work matters at MY expense. I advised that the company should purchase me a cell phone with monthly plan or at minimum reimburse me for my current plan expenses now. However I believe this was picked up in a negative way.

Same thing with car - the expectation that I am supposed to use my own car, my own GPS, my own gas, to drive to client residences. I am not insured as a commercial driver, and I don't want to put additional wear and tear on the car. Again, this meant I was not a "team player".

What do? Am I over-reacting and do most people just roll with it or am I right? What do?
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Oct 20, 2001
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CRA form T2200 is your friend. At least then you can deduct the expenses from your taxable income on your tax return.
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Feb 15, 2008
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At some point, you have to decide whether a job provides net benefits that are greater than other uses of your time and resources.

For some professionals, the cost of using their personal vehicle to travel to a place here and there, and their cell phone, is trivial compared to what they earn overall. For a pizza delivery person, the cost of using a personal vehicle may very well be greater than their paycheque.

My personal thought is that it creates a lot of resentment amongst staff if some folks at the company are expected to use personal vehicles without compensation, while others are given company vehicles or generous lease/mileage allowances. Firms should be keen to set company-wide policies as to vehicle use, and such policies enforced on a company-wide basis -- not merely ad hoc policy of individual managers who may have their own ideas. A business vehicle should be, first and foremost, a business tool.
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Dec 7, 2009
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I don't think it's reasonable to expect people to use their personal cell phone for work-related things unless you're being compensated. While personal cell phone can be used for communicating things in a pinch, it should not be the primary way of contacting an employee.

This is doubly true for gas and vehicle, because that is a huge expense to a person. If you're making $80k and you feel you're being compensated enough to overlook this, then fine - but I find the companies who are the worst for taking advantage of employees are the same ones who pay the least.

It's unprofessional on both counts. If you expect people to use their personal vehicle or phone for work purposes, then they should be compensated. Nothing really to debate here.
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It appears that u are working for a small company which nicle and dime its employees to use their personal cars and phones for work related matters. Not sure if it is helpful for u to complain as your boss may get an excuse to lay u off.

The fact that u need to use personal tools may make u qualified to be a subcontractor or self employed person. Discuss that with your employer not to issue u a T4, but based on jobs. Then u can deduct your cell phone and car expenses.