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Are Boxing Day sales a Joke?

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Poll: So Did you see any GREAT Boxing day sales?

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May 28, 2004
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Are Boxing Day sales a Joke?

Is it just me or are Boxing day "sales" just a JOKE? Kind of a waste of time for most posts.. nothing GREAT to be had, money safe!
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Jul 14, 2018
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"hot deal"
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Nov 27, 2013
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The real deals are done more stealthy. The prices just change and they might not even say "sale".
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Dec 18, 2017
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Great topic, wrong category.
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Aug 24, 2014
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Nope. It wasn't a joke but this thread is
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Jul 21, 2016
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Unless peoples consider 20% off a "boxing day deal" then no.

Back when I was a kid, boxing day was all about the 50% off or more.
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Dec 18, 2017
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I didn’t buy a single thing this Boxing Day. I found way better deals during Black Friday and throughout the year by stumbling upon pointers from RFDers.

Boxing Day has been a huge disappointment in terms of savings for the past couple of years at least. If I come across a sale during BF, I don’t bother holding back for Boxing Day...because I don’t think Canadian retailers have much to compete with.

Honestly, everything is always on sale - Boxing Day, boxing week, end of season sale, managers sale, Black Friday, Black Friday week, summer sale, spring clear out, Monday special, friyay special...just gotta pull the trigger when the price is right and not get needy and impulsive. Face With Tears Of Joy
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Jan 28, 2018
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Retailers aren’t obligated to have a good sale just because it’s Boxing Day. They aren’t obligated period.

Also, the first thing to know about deals is that their “greatness” is completely subjective. Could be Black Friday sale or any other sale in the year. Doesn’t matter.
Personally, I was happy with the free shipping with PrimeCables. Sure it’s just $6, but enough to make me get small things I wanted. Oh an some random things from Amazon too. I’m pretty happy with what I got. See what I mean?

It’s the holidays. The new year is almost upon us. Maybe enjoy the time with family and friends instead before most of us get back to the usual grind.

Do with this what you will. I’m going back to playing with my pupper who woke up me up early while my SO complains about spoiling the bugger.
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Jul 24, 2009
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Well, depends on the seller and depends on what you are looking for. At least the candy/chocolate are selling with a 50% discount in many grocery stores right now. However, I don't find Amazon has many good deal compare to last year's boxing day.
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Aug 14, 2019
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is this the daily 'wallet is safe' circlejerk? Yes it is.
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Aug 20, 2019
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Phantom604 wrote: The real deals are done more stealthy. The prices just change and they might not even say "sale".
This 100%. I've found that the cheapest items I've purchased on Amazon is when the price randomly drops all of a sudden one day with no notice or advertisement and it's not even a flash sale too.

Same with other in-store retailers, there's usually loopholes or some way to try to stack savings to get the most that you can!
Nov 2, 2015
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Totally agree that if we keep a close watch there are other occasions when I've stumbled upon super hot deals that would put boxing day deals to shame.

For example, I was shopping for a tempurpedic mattress and king bed this holidays and saw how most furniture stores had better offer just the week prior to Boxing Day. A sales person at Leon's confirmed the same thing. Got more than 30% off on the tempur and more than the BD deal as there was no mad rush for me to negotiate - even on the bed. Some store just raise the prices and then increase the discount. General people not tracking prices or comparing the price at other stores fall into their trap. Gone are those days when BD was really meant huge savings.

Happy shopping and wish you a great holiday season with your family & friends.
Oct 28, 2016
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I can't wait till next year's Black Friday when people in Koodo thread will say they will hold till boxing day for better deals. Winking Face
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Jul 20, 2009
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Certainly for TV's you got better deals a week or so before Black Friday.
Jul 24, 2019
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waiting for the 70 and 90% deals in the next few days
waiting for the loss leader deals in mid January when the credit card bills are due