Brakes change - rotor or pads

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  • May 12th, 2021 9:48 pm
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Jun 12, 2007
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windywalks wrote: Hello Everyone,

I have driven 85k on my 2016 Honda Civic and have had the vehicle for 4+ years. Recently I got some codes on dashboard and one of them was to check on brakes.

My local mechanic inspected brakes and advised of some rust and no pads left. Usually while driving, I don’t hear any weird sounds while applying any brakes.

When is it usually recommended to change brakes ? It will cost around $1200 but looking for some other cheaper options. But obviously don’t want to risk anything.

Any advise or suggestions?
pm igarage , He's an independent shop in Markham and can give you quote.
It sounds like you have other problems in the $1200 qoute in addition to worn out brakes
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Oct 13, 2008
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I had 41,500 km on my 2015 Lancer before I changed my OEM front pads to WBR WBCD866-7741 for $90 (including labour).

Then at 97,000 km, I changed all the brake pads and rotors for a total of $700 (including labour):

- Front+Rear Pads (Wagner ZD866 ZD1037)
- Front+Rear Rotors (Rotomax 20-53036 20-53037)
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Jan 9, 2011
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KevinM56081 wrote: Someone with a city commute may use brakes much more. On a past car I was over 200k before I needed to change.
The way you drive too makes a huge difference. When a light ahead of me tuns red, I take my foot off the gas right away. Then go lightly on the brakes. Sometimes depending on the timing I don't even need to use the brake before the light turns green again. So many drivers keep their foot on the gas until the last possible second while approaching a red light, and then move it to the brake. That uses extra gas and brakes. I had a Mazda 3 from 2007 to 2018, put 100,000km on it, mostly city, and it still had the original pads and rotors when I got rid of it.