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Broken caulking tube

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  • Nov 19th, 2010 12:20 pm
Apr 18, 2005
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Broken caulking tube

I have a silly question. Yesterday, while doing some air sealing, the tube of caulking broke in the caulk gun. The caulk came out the back of the tube and made a big mess. My question is, was it a faulty tube, or did I do something I shouldn't have? It was stored in the basement, but not very cold to the touch.
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Oct 22, 2007
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On average the problem is that the pressure applied to the bottom is greater then the amount comming out of the tip of the tube. Why was there a need for this, well it could be serveral reasons:

Tip of the opening wasn't large enough, therefore there was too much restriction causing the operator to apply more pressure then needed.
The caulking has or is close to it's expiry date and has started to become thicker/hard.
Too much pressure applied to the gun for whatever reason.
The inside of the tube was not punctured after the tip was sliced open.

Or the tube may have not been placing in the gun properly and there was not equal pressure applied to the bottom.
Faulty silicone gun.
Faulty silicone.
Low quality silicone gun.

Nov 15, 2003
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Did you remember to puncture the nozzle with a nail or something after cutting it?
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Jan 18, 2004
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Was it an opened/used tube? The nozzle end had dried up caulking and when you tried to use it, the caulking found its way out via the path of least resistance - the back. You should have noted how hard it was to press the lever of the gun and nothing coming out the nozzle.

If it was brand new, some require you to puncture the foil seal inside after cutting the tip. Not puncturing the seal would end up with the same result of caulking coming out the back if you keep forcefully pressing the lever.

There is usually a long thin rod/wire built into the gun to do this (however I sometimes find this wire too short).
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