Budget Android phone for outdoors GPS use ~$100

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Mar 6, 2006
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Budget Android phone for outdoors GPS use ~$100

I am an iPhone user. Company supplies it, so no complaints there. My issue is I can't run one app that I really want. Canada Topo, it is only available on Android. It seems to be the only GPS app that allows offline satellite images from Canada. I will use it on my snowmobile, quad, and dirtbike. ... maps&hl=en

I am searching for an android phone, with good/great GPS, a good screen, and preferably water resistant for around $100. What should I buy? I live in a smaller town, sometimes I can find used phones, but not as easy as in the city. If I can order online, it would be perfect. Probably never even going to insert a SIM, so phone functions don't really matter.
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Dec 23, 2010
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I'm not sure you'll be able to find what you want for $100. Canada Topo will probably run pretty slow, so I recommend trying to find someone selling a used premium phone from a few years ago. I bought my Xperia Z3 used a couple years ago for $200, and that one has some pretty good specs. It was a pretty popular unit, and I still see them online going anywhere between $100 to $250 still. I think the Z5 was also pretty popular.
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Consider: [PC Mobile] Moto G5 $139. Specs: Motorola Moto G5

This should be more than adequate for GPS apps. Note that in some countries this model doesn't come with a compass (magnetometer) sensor. That shouldn't be an issue for GPS apps especially when you're in motion. But it probably means that compass apps won't work (well.) If that's an issue then read the specs carefully. Also Google for more info.

Another option if you don't need a cell phone or cell data, i.e. will load maps via WiFi only, may be a prepaid phone. You can get them in Canada (unlocked) but like the Moto G5 they can be a bit above your budget. If you can get to the US, Wal-Mart sells very inexpensive pre-paid phones that are locked to specific carriers. If WiFi-only works for you then these phones may be viable. There are several RFD threads about this (as well as how to unlock some models.)
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