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a budget friendly good PC setup to run HTC vive VR

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  • Jun 16th, 2019 4:24 pm
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Sep 28, 2017
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a budget friendly good PC setup to run HTC vive VR

i've been on the console side of gaming for 40+ years and obviously have had my share of computers. but now that VR has come to the home user and i was able to get the HTC vive vr finally at a good price i need to build a system that can run it perfectly. only issue i have at the moment is large bank to fund an impressive system lol, so i was looking to do up one that would be middle of the road as far as running the vive vr without major issues till i can start replacing certain things to get at least a few years of future proofing.

i'm not looking for one person's opinion about the vive or telling me good luck unless i'm rich lol.... if i was i wouldn't be here asking for help.

it would be ideal to hear from actual owners/users of the vive and what setup you have and what results you are getting. and giving some prices or the hardware you have in your setup. i know the power it needs will easily run regular non-vr games in pretty much maxed out settings, but for most gaming i will stick to console and mainly be doing the vr on the pc with some exceptions.

lemme know ! thanks.
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May 22, 2005
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Rift user here, using a 1080ti and it chugs when I play racing games that add AI driver's, it starts to stutter.

However, other then that game (Project Cars 2), the 1080tis been good otherwise, with high settings and turning ASW on.

I'd recommended at least a GTX 1070 and a 6 core CPU.
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Nov 17, 2004
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I run my htc vive on a i5-6500 + 1060 6GB. For graphically intense games, I run maybe mid-high settings. I mostly play beat saber and my setup is more than fine for that.

It really depends on the game, most VR games are not very graphically intensive, the exceptions being graphically intense non-vr games like project cars that have a vr option.
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