Burlington G test route

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May 10, 2005
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SonjaB783643 wrote: First off ..
I have been driving for 22+ years. I am a good driver. Godly even. ;)
I also know that these test centers are a big money grab. I don't blame people for asking what routes etc. as if you have ever taken a test, the women there are $%^'s and they will do anything to make you come back and re-take the test. They want their jobs and they don't want to be laid off. It is not about how good you drive, it is about not falling into their traps during the road test. Asking you to do things you are not supposed to do.

Sad but true. The Drive Test centers are a joke.
Holy thread resurrection Batman!!! First post and you rant.
My comments were made to a specific person waaaay back in 2006.
The only "sad but true" fact is that the person that originally posted the thread wanted to know what the route was. Most responses agree with my stand. My comments still stands and is valid. If they can drive, then the route is immaterial.
Your rant on the test centers being a money grab is a red herring and has no value for the OP or the thread. You may be a "Godly" driver but really, who cares?
Dec 31, 2015
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Here is the most recent route of exam,


As can be seen they first do the highway test.
To some " ***** " who argue that nobody should prepare himself for the test, I have to say that the first time, officer failed me just because I looked for pedestrians in the middle of the intersection while I was turning left (she said that you wasted time for watching the pedestrains)!!! she sketched me on the back of the driving test sheet that I must only look at the pedestrains before entering the intersection for left turns. Defenitely this is a way for making money and I beleive that they fail some people as a unwritten rule! Learn the rules of driving and prepare yourselves for all excuses after test.
Good luck