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Jan 24, 2010
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Buy unlocked iPhone 4?

Shall I?

I do not use cell phone a lot. I have a 20/mo voice plan that has expired and can cancel anytime.

Thinking to buy unlocked iphone 4 from apple directly. $659.

For 3 yr contract, the phone is only 159 but locked. I heard that clients can cancel data plan after one year, with 100 penalty (rogers). Is that common across carriers?

My workplace has wifi access so I do not need 3g in my workplace.

The math is, suppose I will use the phone for three years (will u?), then as long as I can save $13.88/mo, then it is better to buy an unlocked phone (500 dollars more expensive).

For 3g data plan, Rogers has a pre-paid plan ($2/day/20MB, $7/week/125MB). When I do need to use 3g, I can choose the pre-paid plan.

Any though? Or shall I alternatively buy an ipod touch (another handset in pocket!)?

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