buying a generic car from a different city

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May 2, 2014
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buying a generic car from a different city

i am currently living in a small community that is 6/8 hours drive from the GTA.
i am interested in a generic toyota model, but the only option for used vehicles locally is the dealership. i can save thousands if i were to buy directly from an owner, but none exist in my area.

every few months i come down to toronto to visit my family. is it doable to fit in a vehicle purchase and mechanical inspection from an owner within a few days?
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Nov 12, 2004
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Absolutely doable... Just have to have a good plan ahead of time. Co-ordinating the seller to have a vehicle take the car to a shop of your choice. When they can look at it will be your biggest hurdle. It helps if your relatives have a working relationship with a good garage. You can say to the shop hi I am so and so's uncle's brother's half cousin and they say you do great work here.... I plan to buy a vehicle over these 3 days I will be in TO. I want a PPI done once I pick one out. Are you interested? If for some reason you can't fit it in do you know of another place that does this type of thing nearby? The biggest help I got was from a shop recommended to me in this way at a place 2 hrs out of town. My friend wanted me to use his trusted shop who turned out to be short staffed at the last moment but diverted me to a friend of theirs who took me in right away. They put the car up on the lift and within 5 minutes we knew the owner as suspected was lying LOL.

Also if you know even a little bit about cars and can read people. You can quickly weed out vehicles just by talking to the owner and having a look at the vehicle in person once you get there. It won't tell you that you should buy it, but it sure can tell you to run from a seller or car. LOL.
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Jul 21, 2009
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Yes you can do it all in an afternoon. Make sure the seller has all the paperwork in check such as UVIP and ownership papers and have them meet you at the mechanic for the inspection.

The biggest challenge would be getting the car into your driveway. Usually if I am buying I will ask the seller to drive it to my house and I will call them an Uber home.

They probably won't want to drive 8 hours so you should schedule it on a day service ontario is open so you can plate the car same day. Hopefully you have someone that travels with you so they can get your car back to your house.