Buying Private VS Auction

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Apr 25, 2021
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Buying Private VS Auction

Looking for a used SUV. Looking privately and reaching out to the sellers, most don't want to provide a pre-inspection report or option to have a mechanic looking at the vehicle prior to the sale. There are always people willing to buy so why should they.

Looking at buying at a Auction, they provide a Carfax report along with pretty decent details on if there is anything wrong with the vehicle.

In either situation, there is risk involved.

I don't really want to buy from a private seller that won't get a pre-inspection prior to the sale or at least letting a mechanic look at it.

Has anyone gone the car auction route instead of buying from a private seller?
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Sep 14, 2012
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Yes, I have bought at auction many years ago (I lived in Alberta then). I found out the car was actually a Ford Finance repo.

I paid about 50% of market value at the time for a 3 year old car...quite a luxurious one for the time and loaded.

Was it a good car? It was OK and the money saved was nice. At the auctions then you could sit in the car and try it out (but not move it) before auction.

You save money, but obviously there is a big risk if you get a total lemon.