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Buying, Selling, and Trading on RFD. Looking for some advice Re: Paypal or EMT

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Jan 20, 2012
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Buying, Selling, and Trading on RFD. Looking for some advice Re: Paypal or EMT

I've bought and sold stuff on kijiji hundreds of times without issue. Even shipped my one Lenovo Laptop to Toronto and accepted a EMT payment through kijiji. However, I'm trying to sell one of my laptops on RFD BST and I'm a complete noob with how to make the right approach with buyers, and looking for some advice on how to accept payments.

My dilemma is this. A couple of the people wanted to pay by PayPal (the normal way, with buyer protection). While I do understand that people are paranoid, I've read in the Scammers and Warnings section of some people filing chargebacks and disputes through paypal, and having the seller lose out on the money and the item, or have items being sent back broken or missing. I do not want that to happen to me, as I do not currently have a lot of money as I lost my job back in March, so a $450 hit would suck for me.

I've been telling buyers that are not local or cannot meet in person that I will accept EMT and ship it express with tracking, signature, insurance, the whole works, and even provide my identification, phone number, and address should anything go wrong (which nothing will go wrong, I'm not a scammer). Some buyers refused and want to go the PayPal route, even though I'm not comfortable with that, or they said they would do EMT and provide the password after receiving the item, but I'm not that thick-headed to do that.

My question is this: For those who frequently buy and sell from the BST forums on RFD, do you accept paypal or do you feel more secure with EMT? Am I wrong for just wanting to accept EMT? I'm always honest about my items and have nothing to hide, but I feel like I'm being over-paranoid. I just want to see if people have experienced what I'm going through and what their outcome was with these situations?
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Jan 14, 2004
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There's always some inherent risk when doing a private sale. EMT is probably much harder to get a chargeback on unlike PayPal. Just go with what you're more comfortable with, and build up some feedback and it'd may help.

I've had quite a few people use EMT to buy Blue Jays tickets off me, no problems, probably because I've been around long enough and have had good transactions. I'm also very forthright and open about questions about the process.
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Nov 24, 2012
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Do what works for you. i wouldn't accept any risk when selling. Cash or EMT or no sale. Pay pal is a crap shoot. I would avoid using PayPal doing any private sales or even eBay.


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