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Buytopia Reviews - Post your review here of their customer service

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Nov 18, 2013
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This is a very shady company. To me they seem to be running a scam, at least with one company - Family Discount Carpet and Furniture Cleaning. My wife didn't check reviews and bought the voucher. The carpet cleaning company is known to just not turn up for appointments and Buytopia keep giving the run around when it comes to refunding. I have worked for a company which had a division for selling online vouchers. Based on that, Buytopia would get approximately 40% of the voucher value and the vendor would get the remainder. The vendor would do no work as they just don't turn up 95% of the time (based on reviews) and Buytopia puts a note in the fine print that vouchers cannot be refunded so your credit card company will have a very difficult time getting a refund.
Dec 2, 2013
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I placed an order with Buytopia on September 19, with the expectation that the order would be shipped in 4 to 6 weeks. When I contacted them On November 8 I checked to see if it had shipped. I was told that the deal closed on October 7 and that it was to ship in 4 to 6 weeks from that date. It was almost 5 weeks at that point. The next week when "6" had officially passed I emailed them again and got no answer, and again and got no answer, and again and got no answer.
Finally I called on November 20 and was told that the order had shipped the day before and I should receive it in about 1.5 weeks. OK sounds good. They gave me a tracking number thru Canada Post and when I traced it, I found that it left China on November 19. So it has been two weeks and when I try to trace the package all that Canada Post can tell me is that it somewhere between China and here but definitely hasn't landed.
The fact that no-one answered my emails when I checked and that the fellow who told me it had shipped didn't mention that it was coming from China, and not by air, make me think that this is one big scam.
Not sure I will want to use the product when I get it. Refills for my Sonicare toothbrush. I wonder what it is made of. I bet Buytopia doesn't care.
Dec 2, 2013
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Don't ever buy concert tickets from buytopia. Complete sham!! Bought 2 vouchers for the Pink concert in Toronto for Dec 2. Paid $104 for a $145 ticket, ended up getting Standing room tickets that were valued at $56. There were 10 of us in total that did the walk of disbelief up the stairs to our "seats". I called buytopia and the customer service rep told me to send an email!!!!!!! I called etorontotickets and they said it was buytopia's problem. Absolutely no resolution at all from them. Read on another blog site that they did the same thing in Toronto for the JayZ concert.
Jun 4, 2013
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Sorry to hear about your tickets. They keep deleting my comments when I ask questions on their pages + FaceBook and blocked me on Twitter. Ridiculous.
epfeffer wrote: Don't ever buy concert tickets from buytopia. Complete sham!! Bought 2 vouchers for the Pink concert in Toronto for Dec 2. Paid $104 for a $145 ticket, ended up getting Standing room tickets that were valued at $56. There were 10 of us in total that did the walk of disbelief up the stairs to our "seats". I called buytopia and the customer service rep told me to send an email!!!!!!! I called etorontotickets and they said it was buytopia's problem. Absolutely no resolution at all from them. Read on another blog site that they did the same thing in Toronto for the JayZ concert.
Dec 30, 2013
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YLSF wrote: Has anyone ever received a refund from Buytopia for a voucher issue?

They seem to have one of the worst customer services based on the Marlon's/ The Butchers thread:

merged-butchers-aka-marlon-meats-organi ... on-999078/

I am boycotting buying anything from them. I think the public (through google searches) should be warned. Please post your bad or good reviews of Buytopia here.
I purchased an item on September 7,2013 and it was shipped on October 9, 2013. But it has been sitting in China since then. I have called Buytopia numerous times and all they say is that the package has been mailed!

I have now contacted my credit card company and am getting a refund through them.

I will never buy anything from buytopia again!!!
Jan 21, 2014
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WORST COMPANY EVER!!!! I purchased two items at the beginning of November and I still have not received them (It's January 22, 2014 by the way). I have contacted their customer service department about 5 times now and each time they give me some lame excuse. I even had one of the suppliers contact me directly saying they shipped the item and that I was lying. I do most of my shopping online and this is by far the worst service I have ever experienced. I will never ever shop at Buytopia again and neither should anyone else.
May 18, 2009
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DO NOT BUY FROM BUYTOPIA!!! I ordered some LED light bulbs back in early Nov/2013 and still(Feb/2014) have not received them. They can't even tell me how they are being shipped. I have asked for a tracking number several time with no response. They say they will get back to me, but they never do......very bad customer service. I am NOT impressed with Buytopia at all!
Nov 15, 2013
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Toronto, ON
NEVER,NEVER GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY. Extremely poor customer service and when they have your money good luck in getting it back. They say they cannot re-emburse you and give you credits which are worthless trying to apply them to their products. The deals they state are very difficult to get even after you have paid for the product, voucher etc. Please to everyone that reads this stay far away from this company. Once burned twice shy !!! Avoid company like the plague. Is it legal in Ontario to put a time limit on a credit which they have just done to me???
Aug 28, 2011
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tendim wrote: I've got to ask: Why is everyone going through Buytopia for a refund? After many headaches years ago trying to get refunds through PayPal, anything online, I usually go straight to the C/C company. There is no addional charge for getting a refund from the C/C, so why not let them do the work for you?

And I think doing it this way does a double-whammy to Buytopia, because they may get hit with a chargeback fee from the C/C company.
If this is true, I wish I'd tried it first. I got credited by Buytopia (and then I even had to get credit back for what I purchased with my credit). I've never gotten a "Buytopia Product" (manufacturer otherwise unlisted), so I was looking to see reviews for that. They may take a while and definitely have unsatisfactory vendors and make you have to contact them to bring back your credit when it expires without warning, but they've always gotten back to me. I do wish I could have had a refund instead of credit as it's been over a year of checking their deals, which weren't worth buying for that whole time! I just hope my newly purchased deals work out. It's for Funnyfest, so hopefully it's trustworthy and reliable!

I don't remember ever getting horrible customer service from buytopia other than getting repetitive e-mail template answer to my problem that obviously didn't listen to my response the first time. It seems like all similar deal companies take days to respond with more than a template response. When I called Buytopia recently, on more than one occasion they helped me and had good customer service skills (such as getting a response from a vendor that I was waiting on, which was above what I expected).

Bottom line though, unless the voucher is for a company that I trust, I would not spend my own money on the voucher! I'm just trying to use up my credit and say goodbye to Buytopia forever!
Nov 23, 2014
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Wow - I don't know where to start - Just avoid these idiots like the plague.

First experience:
2 Airport Limo transfers booked via Buytopia, for the same day. One for 5.30 Am (Husbands flight to BC), one for 3;15 PM (myself flying to London UK). $35 per person. Bargain (or what we thought)

Husbands turned up almost on time, but was subjected to foul language, disgruntled behavior by the driver, rude comments by the driver, no help offered with cases etc - Husband said he wanted to get out of the vehicle at one point as driver so horrifically rude.

My Transfer: Booked for 3:15 pm for my 6pm British Airways flight. I got a call at 1pm - saying a "driver" has gone sick and they cannot provide my transfer. They said it has absolutely nothing to do with them and to contact Buytopia. I explained this was extremely inconvenient as I now needed to take a taxi to the airport. This then went on to cost me over $80 on top of what i paid BT. Whoever it was on the end of the phone, became aggressive, threatening, used profound bad language towards me, and even threatened to beat me up, (I mean SERIOUSLY who says that to a customer that THEY'VE ripped off??) - DISGUSTING! I was dumbfounded.

Needless to say, both my husband and i made separate complaints (we booked out vouchers separately). My husband received a full refund. When I contacted BT - They advised they had received hundreds of complaints about this Limo company (A1 Limos - Toronto - use at your own peril, or just avoid completely, they are scary people) - However, Buytopia point blank refused to give me a refund, only a credit?? I explained that my other half had a refund, and was then called a liar, and that "We Don't "do" Refunds" - Again I asked them why they are calling me a lair, when my husband clearly got a full refund.... I lost the argument and settled for a credit - not that I ever wanted to use these pricks again.

Eventually, I decided to spend the credit as i didn't want these cowboys to keep my money any longer. I ordered 2 items, Item 1: iPhone 5S accessory kit, Adapter, earphones & USB cable. Item 2: An iPhone 5s Charging case (emergency charger).

Second Experience:

Item 1 turned up - Counterfeit - Nothing was Apple, nor even attempted to disguise it in Apple product packaging, and whilst the looked at first gland okay - They were SHOCKING quality. I would like to add, I was charged $7.99 on BOTH orders for delivery ($15.98 total - On top of having to spend my $35 credit - they still got more money out of me). When this item 1 turned up, it had been POSTED BY STAMP by Canada Post, from Brampton, Ontario - 10 minutes away - But to charge $7.99 for delivery, and sent it by regular post is clearly a RIP OFF!

Item 2: Has never turned up, I am now 12 weeks waiting. Just been on the phone with them again - But apparently have to go to the supplier for shipping information - HOW CAN THEY when they are sending things via Canada Post and not a Courier?? Are they Mad? Or just the cowboys we all suspect they are? If anyone has any details of how I would contact the Canadian version of Trading Standards / or if Canada has a legislative Sales Of Goods Act - I would be most grateful if oyu can offer the details?

My Final thought - Just avoid them. Their caption of "Everything is better 50-90% off" is Bull *****. You only end up even more out of pocket than if you just buy and pay the going rate for stuff.
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Apr 24, 2011
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Just wanted to share my recent experience with BT.

Bought 2 packs of blades, which they claimed were more than 70% off the regular price. In the ad. the item is described as "Gillette Razor Blades for $14 (Regular Prices $60). On the item description page the title says "$14 for a Pack of 8 Gillette Mach 3 Compatible Razor Blades OR $17 for a Pack of 8 Fusion 5 Compatible Razor Blades (Buytopia Product $60 value)". And, when you select buy, it takes you to another page where you select the package type. Two package types are listed there "$14 for 8 Mach 3 blades" and "$17 for 8 Fusion blades". So, at 2 out of 3 screens they tried to fake the product as "Gillette". I end up ordering two packs of so called "8 Fusion Blades" and paid some shipping extra ($40+ in total). However, the item I got was a fake- no where near to Gillette's Fusion blades. Like the above poster said they didn't even attempted to disguise it in Gillette's packaging. The item got shipped from China. I tried to contact them, they wouldn't agree that they have cheated me and many others. I even provided the screenshots where they used Gillette and their products trademark names. They still don't want to accept the accept the truth. I bought them using one of my friend's account, as he had some BT credits in his account. All the previous communication was done using his email and BT account but, he is now not feeling "Comfortable" doing all this. Therefore, I had to give it up and end up paying $40+ for this piece of crap that they are claiming is worth $60,which infact, is not even worth a penny.

Avoid this company and their products.
Jul 29, 2014
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Toronto, ON
I am extremely disappointed with my experience with BUYTOPIA.ca I was under the impression that I was saving money by buying tickets for the JZ concert when in fact I paid $168 over what they are worth. I only found this out after I received the tickets. the are worth $85 less per ticket than what I paid! To date I can still get them cheaper. You will save nothing with Buytopia.ca If you want to get ripped off then go ahead and use them.. Not to mention It was difficult for me to get credit from .com because buytopia.ca was also being difficult with them. I tried to get them to rectify this but they did nothing! Customer service did not help whatsoever.
Dec 2, 2014
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Port Coquitlam, BC
Do not buy from Buytopia! It won't let me post my own comment so I'm adding a reply.i ordered several things, all sent randomly and separately! All crap! Do not order!
Mar 5, 2015
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Woodbridge, ON
Buytopia is a fraud!!!
don't ever buy from Buytopia! this company is full of liars, and customer service is horrible. managers will not speak to you. product was purchased, advertised to arrive before christmas. As of Feb 25th, and the product has not delivered yet, and customer service continues to lie and say product is on the way. i have spoken to customer service 8 times and they continue to say the same thing. they say they will email tracking #'s and never do. They finally agreed to a full refund, and sent an email confirming this. It has been 3 weeks and still no refund. There is a good reason they have so many complaints with the Better Business Bureau, and have an F rating (the worst possible). There are many services out there that do the same theing as Buytopia, i strongly recommend you go elsewhere and save yourself the grief of dealing with this sh*tshow of a company
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Sep 2, 2005
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Called and asked for their address, they said against policy to hand out, they've moved a number of times, newest info, on their address about 50 companies are located somehow...
Suite 302 seems to be a kind of mailbox HQ, and with Superior Court papers, you have to hand them to a MAJOR person at the company to consider your plaintiff's claim properly served.

Mailing is not proper service. Takes a $40 "Special Motion Hearing" before the court, to compel the Ontario Court to deliver Your claim.... BY EMAIL/FAX and have it 100% LEGIT served. You can ask for the $40 hearing fee to be attached to the claim against Buytopia this way.

Refusal to state address = Common method to avoid legitation !

183 Bathurst Street, Suite 302
"A record for all your buytopia vouchers that you've purchased will always be stored there for

you. Still Having "

They are AKA "Evandale Caviar Inc."
employ 30 people, their FAX#(416) 352-1324
Dec 28, 2015
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I bought scopula of items I mid November for Christmas and the promise date was anywhere from dec 11-24. It is now Sec. 29 and still no package. I have called once and customer service was so useless. I then tried to call after dec 24 and every single time it says it's closed even though I've been calling during business hours. So not only do I not have some of my Christmas presents I can't even get in touch with anyone to find out what's going on with my package. They also do not give returns. Thanks buytopia for NOTHING...literally!
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Jun 30, 2006
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Super shady site. They mainly sell crap you get off Ebay for a couple of bucks.
Dec 21, 2015
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NEVER again!! I bought 2 watches on 28 Oct 2015, I tried reaching someone at their customer service starting End November through emails and phone calls. Not once did I get to speak to a rep, nor did I receive a reply to my emails. I submitted a complaint to the BBB and finally got a response on 28 Dec 2015, where Buytopia told the BBB that I had received my watches and that they were gracious enough to give me a $15 coupon towards my next purchase. My response to the BBB was that Buytopia had given me a BOGUS tracking number and that they were lying, as proven by the bogus tracking number and the fact that it was now over 2 months since my purchase and had yet to receive my items. I provided the BBB with my account details, including screen shots and a copy of the tracking number which consistently failed to identify anything. I am still fighting it out and refuse to stop until I get a full refund. Their customer service and business practices are shady. They should be boycotted and shut down. Oh, and they can shove their $15 coupon up "you know where" as I will never buy from them again!
Oct 19, 2011
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They're vouchers are garbage, and their products would take 3 months to deliver, and they never return emails!!!


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