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[Cabelas] Cabelas: Lucky Strike 203 Economy Net $11.69 ($6.30 off)

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[Cabelas] Cabelas: Lucky Strike 203 Economy Net $11.69 ($6.30 off)

https://www.cabelas.ca/product/14080/lu ... conomy-net

Product Description

This net features an 18" aluminum handle with protective rubber end cap and an 18" x 13-1/2" blue nylon mesh net.

Maybe a little early for the fishing season for some but maybe some of you have a waterfront property and lost your net somewhere or maybe you're new to fishing and looking for a net.

If you drill a hole by the end of the handle and smooth out the opening you can run some paracord through it for a wrist strap. Also good to have some cordage on you if you want to make a make shift extention handle. Go to the dollar store or local hardware store and get some zip ties. Find a long tree branch on the ground. Ziptie handle to the branch as well as run some paracord through the drilled hole and tie a secure knot. You can get some used paracord for like $2.50 I think or maybe $3.50 at 50" at a surplus shop. Tie the other end of the paracord to a tree or you. The reason to do that is if the branch breaks you can pull the net back with the paracord.

Sure you can buy a long hadle net but some may want a compact setup that can fit into a backpack without alerting your boss or your significant other. ;)
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