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Cable Internet Servicing During Covid

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  • Jul 22nd, 2020 11:48 am
Mar 22, 2020
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Cable Internet Servicing During Covid

If you're looking to add a new cable internet line to an address that has never been serviced before then you may need to wait until after Covid.

I first signed up with Carrytel and selected "no pre-existing service at this address". They call me to set it up and half an hour later they ask if there's a cable line. No, as stated in my form, there is not. "well we can't help you since no technicians are making calls". The cable line on the pole is right there on the property. I asked if they can just make the connection, leave me a bunch of wire and leave it on the lawn for me to run in to the house. "not possible".

Then I contacted daddy Rogers to see what the deal is. As I thought- no existing line to the address but they CAN send a technician out ($50, not horrible).

Off to Fido since the rates are cheaper- they said they can service the address and they'd mail out a modem no problem. Then I mentioned there is no line servicing the address..."oh, we can't see that on our end. Once you get the modem, call in if you can't find the line and we'll see if technicians are doing new installs". So I'd have to sign up with them, pay all fees and go through credit checks for something they can't even tell me if they're able to provide. A little backwards in my mind.

So for anyone looking to get a new cable service to their house- you'll have to skip all the cheaper alternatives and go right to Rogers. Bell doesn't service our area if you were wondering.
A work around will be to sign up with Rogers to have the connection made and then jump ship a month later for the cheaper guys. I wonder if it's Rogers limiting the smaller companies using COVID as an excuse.
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I was having issues with my Rogers service and their techs were not permitted to enter the premises as per Rogers' covid policy.

I worked with the tech who was outside and I performed tasks inside.

If I did not have an existing Rogers service, I was told by the CSR and tech that I would not be able to sign up until their techs were allowed to enter my residence to complete the install.