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Caffiene Candy/Energy Drinks by the Case?

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  • Feb 25th, 2006 7:45 pm
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Jan 26, 2003
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JimG wrote:Would it not be easier (and cheaper) to just pop some caffeine pills? Are there other active ingredient in these drinks?
Yes, it is.

However, some people like the marketing and packaging thing. I was in wallymart and saw some of that red-whatever stuff. Checked the ingredients and was wholly unimpressed. Maybe it tastes good ... maybe it doesn't.

It was sure expensive, relatively.

My advice: go to any health-food store or bodybuilding store. Or order online. 100 tabs of 200mg synthetic caffeine is ~ 10 bucks or less. 200mg being a cup and a half of strong coffee or so. Drink with lots of water. You're done.

No extra additives. No sugar. No calories. Cool factor? Okay, maybe less. However, if I saw someone chugging a trendy caffeine drink i'd just shake my head and have an internal laugh.

But hey, if you want to spend for a fancy aluminum can with interesting graphics ... be my guest! :razz:
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Aug 19, 2005
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Yeah, the drinks seem pretty expensive.

I like the mints because I like the cafeine (duh!!) and like anything that is minty.
I also paid $1 for each tin last year- so am happy overall.
If they were more than $3 I doubt I'd buy them.

was just in compusmart and they sell some brand of cafeinated mints there near the cash.
the cost 7$ though- I would never pay that much.

as the other poster said, caffeine pills are just as good.

you can buy "Wake ups"? the ones w the rooster on the package at Shoppers! should only be a couple dollars.

or if u have a cold/sinus problems- alot of decongetants contain caffeine in them also (the daytime ones that is- every time i use then I can't sleep well)
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