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California Sandwiches Cash Grab?

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  • Mar 9th, 2009 10:54 am

Poll: Do you think private ATM's that charge a $2 user fee drive away business?

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Don't care
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Sep 2, 2008
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Mulder and Scully wrote: In terms of speed and efficiency, that manager is right. When I worked at Starbucks all those years ago, nobody liked a customer who would pay by debit or credit card because the transaction process takes 1-2 minutes (a lifetime in fast food) and holds up the line. The major of those machines use dialup and have to call in to check the customer's account which is why it takes 1-2 minutes. It's not an always on connection.
How many years ago was that? I worked at a restaurant too with a slow phone connection years ago but these days credit and debit transactions at pretty much every place I've ever been to are almost instant.
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Oct 25, 2003
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Tim hortons doesn't accept debit at many locations either, what's your point?
it's me ramin.
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Jun 30, 2003
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I always try paying with credit card first, unless they give me discount. It costs money to run a business - that's why it's a business and not a hobby. In rare instances if the business doesn't accept credit cards I use my debit card (Dollarama springs to mind). And if they don't accept debit, I will use whatever cash I have - if I don't have enough cash (and I usually don't carry much) - I will decline the purchase or reduce the purchase.
Actually not accepting credit/debit means lost purchases for many businesses and smart business owners know that paying debit/credit fees means that they get more sales and profit.
California sandwiches are nice, but I will be very careful of going there since I have to know if I have enough money or not beforehand. And who seriously uses those in-store ATM machines - $2 for transaction + your bank fee. You take out $20 and you pay 10% and more of your debit.


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